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The Mosque.

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`Allah is a light of the heavens and earth`. Masjid means `a place where people prostrate themselves` in other words, where they bow and touch their heads to the earth before God. In my assignment I am going to research the hypothesis `` you don't need to go to the mosque to be a good Muslim``. In order to do this I am going to find out if the community needs a mosque, the role of the imam in a Sunni mosque and the differences in the places of worship amongst Muslims. Different mosques have different designs, some are more intricate than others, but the main purpose of the mosque is the same. Some might say that 'the design of the mosque is not important'. ...read more.


The mehrab is an alcove in the wall, which shows the direction of prayer. The imam also stands facing the mehrab as it helps to amplify the voice of the imam who leads the prayers with his back towards the rest of the worshippers. The mimbar is used on Friday prayers, it is a set at least three steps to raise the person who preaches the Friday midday prayers, which is usually the imam. The most important feature of a mosque is the prayer hall. This is usually a plain room with no decoration as it serves the purpose of praying five-time salat. In hot countries there might just be an open courtyard. The prayer hall may also be used for teaching and for funeral services, but not for weddings. ...read more.


The Janaza area is also important. These features are important because they are facilities, which build a good mosque, which can serve a community. I think the only necessary features are the prayer hall as it is the place where you bow your head to the ground before Allah. Also the woman's area because they also need a place to pray separate from the men. The wuzu area is also important because you need to wash and be clean before you can pray and serve the purpose. I think the hypothesis "the design of a mosque is not important" is true. This is because a mosque is a place where people prostrate themselves before Allah and you do not need different features such as the dome and the minaret to do this. Also sometimes different decorations and intricate designs can distract people's attention from what is the real reason for going to the mosque. Sughra Nawaz 10Ht ...read more.

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