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The nature of dicsipleship.

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The Nature Of Dicsipleship While studying Marks Gospel I learned a lot about the nature of Dicsipleship. For example, Marks Gospel reveals a lot about the nature of Dicsipleship, about faith, sacrifice, service/selflesness, choosing Jesus, etc.... I believe that the most important quality of dicsipleship is faith or maybe even sacrifice. I believe Faith is definitely a compulsory quality for a Dicsiple. Mark 4:35-40 "Jesus was in the back of the boat sleeping, with his head on a pillow. The Dicsiples woke him up and said, 'Teacher, don't you care that we are about to die.'" Here we can see a lack of faith , as the Dicsiples are just setting out with Jesus, they are not yet able to understand the ways of Jesus. It also shows we are not always able to be faithful all the time, and inspite of this, Jesus will always help us to have stronger faith. ...read more.


Here we can see two of the dicsiples out at work with their father and all of a suddden they leave him, give up their lively hoods and family to answer the call of jesus, who at that time was hardly known by the dicsiples. Again this shows faith in God and Jesus to again leave mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, animals, houses and land. Sacfrifice and choosing Jesus is very important when it comes to dicsipleship because we neeed to show that we are willing to give up everything to choose Jesus and follow him as a dicsiple. There is a huge connection between sacrifice and reward. Jesus promises that if sacrifices are made rewards will be received. Mark 10:28-30 "No one who has left homes or brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children or feilds for me and the Gospel, will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age and in the age to come, eternal life." ...read more.


Humility is about giving without taking any credit for it. A very good example of humility would be the story of the widows offering. Mark 12:41-43 "They gave out their wealth; but she out of her poverty, put in everything. All she had to live on." Here we see the widow gave everything she has with taking credit for it or boasting about it. This is also a type of selflessness, giving what you have, instead of using it for yourself and in the widows case, using it to keep fed / alive. There is one more quality of Dicsipleship we have to look at, and it is onethat can also be found in the story of the widows offering. The quality is Generosity. The widow is generous in giving all she can afford to give. Here is a women who has a lot of Dicsipleship qualities. Sacrifices, humility, generosity, service and maybe many more. Mark's Gospel reveals throughout it, the many qualities and characteristics needed to be a rue Dicsiple. ...read more.

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