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The nature of disciple in Marks gospel.

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Religion Coursework Mark's Gospel is the shortest of the four gospels. He wrote his gospel first. In Mark's gospel we learn about the nature of disciple. Mark writes that Jesus went into Galilee to preach the good news. He walked beside the Sea of Galilee. Jesus saw Simon and his brother Andrew fishing by the lake. He told them to 'come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men'. They immediately left their nets and followed Jesus. Simon then changed his name to Peter. The next two apostles were two sons of Zebedee, James and John. Jesus called them and they followed him. ...read more.


The mission of the Gospel was when Jesus sent out the twelve apostles to preach, cast and cure them. The apostles had to do these under strict rules. They had to take nothing with them, take no food, no bags, no money, wear no sandals and take no extra coats. They also had to stay in the house that welcomed you until you leave the district. If you were not to welcomed you had to shake the dust of your feet and leave. This proved that the apostles could live just by believing and having faith in god. In the rich young man story, a young man wanted eternal life. Jesus told him to leave everything and follow him, but the young man couldn't. ...read more.


is when Jesus predicts his death three times. The first time was when they were on their way to Jerusalem. The next time was on the same journey to Jerusalem. The third time gives Mark an opportunity to tell us that at this point the apostles were afraid. The rewards of being a disciple is going to heaven and receiving eternal life. Summary Some people are called to leave everything and follow Jesus regardless of cost. A disciple will do the will of god and put him/herself last in all things. Being a disciple means being prepared to follow Jesus, which can involve suffering, rejection and death. You can receive eternal life if you are a true disciple and a true disciple will imitate Jesus' life and continue his work when he returns to his father. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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