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The Nature of God

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Nigel Cloutt The Nature of God a) Describe, with examples, what the religion you are studying teaches about miracles. Christians believe in miracles because of biblical evidence. There are many examples of God's intervention on behalf of the Jews, which were seen as miraculous. For example, when the Jews were escaping out of Egypt in the old testament (Exodus) God intervened several times; when they were trapped between the red sea and the army of the pharaoh God was seen to part the sea so they could cross; when they were hungry in the desert he sent manner so they could eat; and when Jericho got in the way god destroyed the city when they marched round it for seven days. The Bible records many miracles occurring over a period of more than 4000 years. But it is easy to get the misconception that miracles were common occurrences in biblical times. This is not the case. It is the nature of history to record events out of the ordinary therefore miracles will seem much more common than they actually are. The very reason that these things were recorded is because they were unusual occurrences of supernatural or miraculous activity. ...read more.


Christians believe faith is an essential element in recognizing a miracle. A scientific approach cannot prove or disprove the supernatural validity of a miracle. To the skeptic, this may prove to them that miracles do not actually happen, but are real only in the minds of those who choose to believe a miraculous explanation of an event. But the opposite is also true. Only someone who believes in the existence of a supernatural God may be able to recognize the hand of God at work. To one who denies the existence of God, an unexplainable event is just that-unexplainable either because of some unknown natural activity or because of a fraudulent deception made to look like a miracle. To the born again believer (John 3:3,7, 1 Peter 1:23), the salvation experience-in which God forgives sin and accepts the redeemed believer as a member of the family of God-is the greatest of all miracles. But that is not what most people mean when they ask if God still performs miracles today. They refer to miraculous events such as are recorded in the Old and New Testaments: the dead being raised to life, supernatural provision at a time of great need; protection from injury or death by a supernatural intervention. ...read more.


Also in the bible God sent the holy spirit to the disciples to allow them to heal them "...and it descended on them like a flame above each off there heads..." this shows us that the bible says that not only Jesus was able to perform miracles. Jesus said " if you have faith it will happen..." showing us that miracles can happen as long as the person has faith that they will be healed or the miracle will occur because of the power of God. I personal think that science has actually added in the proving of miracles, even though less miracles are reported to off happened, ones that are have usually been proved to have been true by the aid of science. More miracles happen in the modern age where people are put in a situation which stops them from otherwise potential fatal situations, such as people being in a house on a hill when a flash flood occurs; whereas in biblical times miracles were based around health as there wasn't as much medical knowledge as there is in modern times. Therefore, there are still miracles today just in a different form to those reported on in the bible. People have faith in god in certain situations just as they have faith in doctors in medical situations. ...read more.

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