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the need for world development

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PART Aii - THE NEED FOR WORLD DEVELOPMENT The distribution of wealth is unequal if we look at our world we can see the major difference, some people would say the two extremes, we have countries like Luxembourg which is the richest country in the world according to its gross national product the average person in Luxembourg earns $40,000 per year and in comparison to countries like Sudan where the average person earns about $63 we can see the vast difference between the two. If we look at a map we can see there is a north south divide or the 'Physical Quality of Life Index Line' between the wealthy countries and poor countries in America it has the largest number of billionaires in the world (145). This is an extremely large amount of money in one area if we take bill gates for example if we disseminated his wealth there would be enough there to completely eradicate world poverty. So why are countries poor? There are 5 major factors (there are many others contributions) which contribute to explaining why a country is poor and these are: Wars Many LEDC's have been affected and this normally leaves the country in a very bad state in Africa ...read more.


Is done by MEDC's they often determine the prices of the products which is often produced in LEDC's most people in poor countries work in agriculture and a way for them to increase their wealth would be for them to grow extra crops and export their extra to earn money from MEDC's they often give them very low prices for their products this means poor countries are being kept poor by the trade policies of rich countries. AIDS/HIV This disease is wiping out the LEDC's the methods of safe sex and contraception and the drugs to control the disease used in the MEDC's are beyond the price range of any LEDC it is estimated that if AIDS is not controlled by 2010 one quarter of all the children in south Africa will have lost their parents to aids so there will be more kids than adults and the children will not be able to have a education this will only cause the country to become poorer there only hope is us in the rich countries I think there is an urgent need for world development because the longer it is not dealt with the worse it gets there is a decline there is a need for world development because we are all dependant on each other. ...read more.


they are often paid very little for these products that is why organisations such as fair trade have started up fair trade aims to give farmers and people in LEDC's who produce products to give them a little more money if the poor nations are not rewarded satisfactorily for this then they may not produce them later on The world works on an economic system known as capitalism. This system means that people are free to set up companies and businesses and sell products that they think people will want to buy this system has led to most of the worlds technological advances owners try to sell things that will make him as much money as possible the system also raises the standard of living for the employees of the company however the system need people to have money to buy their products in the first place do it is in the interest of the major companies in the MEDC's to promote world development If poor countries feel alienated from the rich countries then they may turn to violence and terrorism perpetrated by groups fighting against the government of their own country or other countries to try and feel a sense of equality or to get recognized ...read more.

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