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The need for World development

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The world is a very unfair place because the world's wealth is not shared out equally. In some places, people are richer than others. People should help others who are in need. The world is getting bigger and bigger everyday and the population is rising very fast. There is a lot to be developed and a lot to be done. This is why we need world development - to make the world a better place to live in for every culture, race, and religion. The world can be divided into richer and poorer countries - 2o% of the population live in More Economically Developed Countries (MEDCs) and own 80% of the world's wealth. The rest of the population (80%) live in Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) and own 20% of the world's wealth. The different types of worlds. � First World ~ these sort of places are the rich countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Japan. They are mostly in the west. � Second World ~ these are the communist countries like Russia, Eastern Europe and China. They are poorer than the above countries (the west), but richer than the rest of the world. � Third World ~ All other countries, which are the poor countries, are also known as 'third world.' The term 'the Third World' comes from a time when MEDCs were known as First World and the previous Communist countries were the Second World. The rest were the Third World. ...read more.


Many countries have a lack of family planning because couples are giving birth to children with the intention that the children help them grow crops for food and so they help make money. Many of these children die with diseases that are caused due to lack of cleanliness in the country or in their surroundings. Several children are also being born to fight in wars for their country so that they get justice and live in peace. This population, which keeps on growing, is populating masses of countries. Couples are only having children for the sake of getting money or for the sake of the children benefiting them, like it is mentioned above. Many trees are being cut down and new homes are being built, so the land space keeps getting smaller. The third world countries have a higher death rate than they do birth rate. This is because of infant mortality and lack of healthcare. Allah sees everyone equally. That is why, when we go to hajj, everyone has to wear the same because that way, you cannot tell the difference between the rich and the poor. Allah never looks at how much wealth a person or a country has, He looks at how well each person or country uses their wealth, or how they spend their wealth. Only deeds are important to Allah, because only good deeds will get us into paradise. Therefore, whatever little we have spare, should be contributed to the poor. ...read more.


There would be less debts and less poverty in the world because there would not be so many wars. Wars make people hate each other. It makes people fall out and quarrel. Wars ruin the world so we should not fight. We should keep the world a peaceful and friendly place. Suffering is usually a test from Allah and no one can stop this, but we should help the people that are suffering, instead of just ignoring them and instead of letting them live in misery. We should give everyone as much support as we can and try to make the lives of other people, much happier. Rich people should not keep themselves away from the poor because this causes fights. Everyone should help one another and learn to control selfishness because at the end of the day, we will all be judged fairly by Allah on the day of judgement, and if you did not help someone in need, you will suffer. Money will not be counted at all, so why cause fighting for money if there is no point whatsoever. Developing the world is very important because it makes life a lot happier for people to live in. It helps keep the planet safer in terms of electronics developing and it makes people enjoy life in peace, but there are factors, which effect world development and make people and countries turn against each other. This usually causes masses of countries to lose loads of money, which prevents world development. This is why I think that world development is important. 1 Sonya Shannon Uddin ...read more.

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