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The parables of the Kingdom

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21/2/07 THE PARABLES OF THE KINGDOM MATTHEW O'HARA The kingdom of God forms the main theme of Jesus' preaching and this is evident in the parables in Mark's gospel. The Jews were looking forward to God's rule, they had been ruled by foreign powers for many centuries, some thought that God would be in charge and would save them from their enemies. Some like the Zealots thought that the kingdom of God meant that the Jews would rule their own country. Jewish rule was God's rule so the Jewish kingdom would be a kingdom of God. Jesus teachings show that he disagreed with both these views, he taught that the kingdom of God would happen if people followed God's laws. The kingdom of God would not involve a struggle against the Romans but it would involve a struggle against sin, which Jesus would forgive. The kingdom began to arrive in the person of Jesus. In Jesus the kingdom was 'at hand.' It had not yet been completed. God has always been king but he sent Jesus to "save" the world. ...read more.


An allegory is a story where the message is hidden in a type of code, where the characters and events really represent other characters and events; a story where every detail has a meaning. Some allegories may be make-believe instead of everyday life. To understand the meaning of the story you have to de-code it. Some of the parables in Mark's gospel may be reflecting the belief of his church. Mark uses two examples of an allegory, the parable of the Sower and the parable of the tenants in the Vineyard. In Mark' gospel the parable of the sower is an allegory, but the basic message is clear. Jesus is saying the kingdom will certainly come, despite its small beginnings in his own ministry and all the difficulties ahead. God is like a farmer sowing his seed. He scatters it about everywhere. Some finds good soil. Some falls on stony ground and some is choked in weeds. But he knew the harvest would come. The followers of Jesus should not despair when things seem to be going wrong: the kingdom is coming. Jesus spoke in parables because of many reasons. Parables were simple stories, easy both to listen to and understand. ...read more.


Examples, of the world being God's Kingdom include: people such as nouns, priests and aid workers, all these people give up their lives and time to look after those less fortunate than themselves. This shows that God's word had been thought about carefully and understood by these people, and that God's kingdom can be on Earth through these peoples lives but also the lives of everyday persons who are willing to receive God into their lives. In Conclusion I think this earth will be God's kingdom, the kingdom is a present in the lives of those who believe. The kingdom of God is significant to each person it is a way in which they will find God, by allowing him to reign in their hearts. Although this world is not perfect and not everyone followers his word there are lots of people willing to give up their lives for God. Through their actions, thoughts and behaviour and their willingness to repent God's kingdom on Earth will grow as the parables of the mustard seed and the seed growing secretly point out. "After a while it becomes the biggest of all plants." ...read more.

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