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The Parables - (The Sower, The Lamp stand, The Seed Growing Secretly and The Mustard Seed)

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1st February 2001 The Parables - Coursework (The Sower, The Lamp stand, The Seed Growing Secretly and The Mustard Seed) The Parable of the Sower would have been a powerful image and quite easy for those in the time of Jesus to relate to as many of them would have been farmers. Jesus tried to show them that the different soils were the different ways that people receive the seed, or Word of God. Jesus wanted everybody to receive the seed, like the good soil did and let their faith and love for God mature and grow in strength. With time those who have faith and act out the good news will grow in strength, in mind and in spirit. He wanted everyone present and all those in the future to examine themselves and determine which type of seed they were and what they could do to change that. Only then can anyone truly receive The Kingdom of God. ...read more.


He finishes by explaining that all those that believe will be saved and will have more, and all those that have no faith will have nothing in the Kingdom. He shows us that worldly possessions or prosperity mean nothing, its what is inside that counts. Your faith and love. Today Jesus' meaning in the parable is still clear although we face different persecutions of faith. In Jesus' time and for many generations to follow Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. Today it is easier for us to worship without threat of violence yet some of us who call ourselves Christians do not practise our beliefs. It is clear that what ever we may face we must listen to God and believe, we should not only keep it to ourselves but also share the good news with those around us. We should show them what we believe in and never conceal our love and our feelings for God and our fellow man. ...read more.


The Parable of The Mustard Seed would have given hope and much comfort to all the early Christians, as they were at the time the small minority. They were the new religion and under pressure and persecution. Jesus tried to reassure them in this parable by comparing them to a Mustard seed. Like Christianity the mustard seed is small and delicate but is hardy and survives to grow into the biggest shrub or religion. It too puts forward branches so that all around might join and celebrate the good news. In today's society this Parable is almost complete. Christianity is the biggest religion and is definitely not a minority. This is only possible due to all those whose faith was strong enough in the past. Persecution is a thing of the past in this country. Today Jesus shows us that we are lucky that we don't endure the pain and suffering that early Christians had to face for their religion. There will still be hard times but we have to endure these and prevail to show our true love and beliefs and if God is willing enter his Kingdom. ...read more.

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