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The part of pilgrimage plays a huge part in the religious life of Christians.

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AO2 Introduction The part of pilgrimage plays a huge part in the religious life of Christians. Christians visit places in the Holy Land where Jesus lived and preached or where people say the Vigin Mary has appeared, like in Lourdes. Some Christians feel that going on a pilgrimage they can find themselves getting much closer and involved in God and understanding him in a much greater way. Their visit enabled their faith to reach higher levels because they have spent time with a group of people who are all like-minded Christians, who all have the same views. All though some people disagree, the idea of a being with other Christians is an important one, as it ensures people about there faith. People like to go to the Holy Land to get closer to god as it says in the churches teaching we should always try to get closer to god to strengthen our bonds with him. This is also true for Lourdes as people go as it is where Marry was seen and where miracles have taken place. There are many reasons why Christians go on a pilgrimage, some religious and spiritual, some not. Most people go on a pilgrimage to renew their faith and their relationship with God. Because the whole idea of the pilgrimage is related to their faith, after pilgrimage they know that they have been spiritually healed and they feel like they have been reborn. ...read more.


There is also no stress on the holiday which helps with mental rejuvenation. The enjoyment of a holiday atmosphere the second reason is spiritual healing and sometimes physicall healing. Most pilgrims are happy to go and pray and bathe at Lourdes and return home spiritually enriched and with their lifes changed in some way, even if they have not been physically healed. Most pilgrims are looking for spiritual guidance to help cope with their illness, occasionally pilgrims do belive they have been physically healed on pilgrimage in Lourdes. Holy Lands Christians belive that the Holy Lands have special connections with great figures or events in the Christian faith, Christians belive that these places have a special feel about them, an awe, a special holiness that comes from being used and prayed in for centuries. For generations, Pilgrims have treated these places with repect as holy places. Many pilgrims feel that something rubs off on them during their stay there. So going on pilgrimage is the most important thing many Christians could possibly do because the religious aspect of it to see the place where many of the famous stories which were told in the bible actually took place and they can feel very emotional. Many Christians experience a tremendous excitement at the thought of being able to visit places that Jesus would have visited and to trace his spiritual journey fron the years in Galilee to his death and ressurection in Jerusalem. ...read more.


This money could also be used to provide special facilities for those people who might need them; for example the thousands of ill and handicapped prigrims who attend Lourdes every week. Commercialism may encourage Christians who had not previously considered pilgrimage to take on the spiritual journey, it may reach an new audience who are not in the Christian faith but convert when educated by the place. Christians can witness the practises of other nationalities and denominations of Christianity in a larger scale, and in many cases, experience new methods of worship. On the other hand it must be wrong for the people living in the area of the place of pilgrimage to exploit it for personal gain. In the holy lands, locals have set up a competive market of tour guides, mini cabs,resaurants,bars and souveniers to cater for the pilgrims, it is a distraction from the message of pilgrimage. But after all it is easy to disagree with the statement and say pilgrimage is supposed to be a personal spiritual experience and to some extent the issue of money is not important unless it prevents people going to a place of pilgrimage. In conclusion I agree with the statment because places of pilgrimage do tend to be very commercialised and it is bound to reduce the value of pilgrimage. I belive there is a point when a pilgrimage stops becoming a pilgrimage but a tourist attraction.The mind of a pilgrim will become distracted and that makes the pilgrimage seem less meaningful and even less holy. ...read more.

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