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The philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote this passage in hopes that we understand the world better.

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Final Exam The philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote this passage in hopes that we understand the world better. Kant is trying to tell us that there are many things that evolve around this world and that every little single detail that we do makes the world what it is. In this passage Kant uses the term enlightenment which basically means its a form of being informed spiritually to us as humans where we must release what the world has set in sight for us and go through our own knowledge to live through life. Its basically forgetting about what others teach us or had planned for us to do and make up our own path where we therefore have our own freedom to either go left or to either go right. Kant is saying that we as human lack a little knowledge and need a little help from another in order to live through our lifetimes. Kant believes that nearly everybody has to rely on one another in order to live out their respective lives. He believes that humans are too lazy to break past the next barrier and are only able to rely on others for direction. Kant believes that individuals can't make up their minds without at least one sort of direction from another. ...read more.


There's a rainbow like layer blocking the man from entering into the other zone. To my belief, it's the inability of humans giving an extra effort to pass through into the Promised Land. Ever since God created the first humans Adam and Eve, Adam ate the apple persuaded by the devil, which then led to the world and humans being tortured. It made the world starting from scratch instead of a land of wealth where everything we could of possibly dreamed of was within reach. Since we have chosen the bad path, we have to then work hard and use our own creative thinking to make the world better since the land where we were suppose slipped through our hands. After realizing the tough times, we are still unwilling to make the extra effort in making our lives better and all we do is hope that we are still going to end up in a world where we have everything. Since God has set the path of punishment for all humans, we then will have to work and think hard to overcome this adversity. So nothing will be given free to us by God except the Laws of Nature where there will be the Sun, the land, grass, trees, water, rocks and e.t.a. ...read more.


a physician who decides our diet, a pastor who has a conscience for me, then everything in life would be easy, there wouldn't be any trouble whatsoever because we wouldn't even have to think about anything. That would be perfect but it would also mean that these guardians control us and they would have total power over us. We were born to make our own decisions, so if we were to have others tell us what to do then we basically don't have a life as people may call it. So is that what we want to have in life? The easy way out so that we in turn don't have the free will? Nothing comes easy in life; we should have our own free decisions and our own thinking and not be in control by others. It is tough to overcome this particular obstacle but we however have to give it a shot. We tend to avoid all situations where we can get hurt and just stick with the basic and safe situations regardless of how badly it really changes us. Sometimes in life, sacrifices must be made and in this case we have to keep on fighting. We must have to face that danger in order to pursue the goal of enlightenment. Michael Keating ...read more.

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