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The Portrayal of Jesus in the Media.

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Having watched the crucifixion scene in Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ Superstar and read an extract from Mark 15, I am able to say that all of the sources have portrayed Jesus in very different ways. I believe this is because we all have different opinions on how Jesus looked and reacted to his crucifixion. Jesus of Nazareth is set in the Roman times to characterise Jesus' life. Robert Powell made the film in the 1970's. Jesus Christ Superstar highlights the crucifixion. It is a modern made musical produced in the late 1980's. Both of the films and the extract show striking similarities. In the two films Jesus is a white man with a long hair. In Jesus of Nazareth he is a thin man, his hair is very neat and he has a long beard but in Jesus Christ Superstar he has no beard and his hair is coloured blonde. ...read more.


Jesus of Nazareth creates a very negative image, as he is unable to stand up for himself. He appears to be the victim and he doesn't defend himself. He seems to be dreaming and he barely says a word. He gives the impression the cleansed and not afraid of dieing, as the atmosphere is very serene, calm and quiet. All these factors mirror his helplessness. Jesus Christ Superstar depicts Jesus as being very normal he defends himself and shouts to the audience that he is not guilty. It is clear from the way that he acted that he didn't want didn't want to die. Therefore the image created is positive. The extract Mark 15 represents Jesus as having a strong strength of character as he refuses the drink that was going to dull the pain. ...read more.


This idea reinforces his other worldness and how divine he was. The music also helps to construct a special aura. In Jesus of Nazareth the music is very eerie. It changes when Jesus enters sop it is more calming to reflect Jesus' mood. In Jesus Christ Superstar music is not present for the whole time he is on the cross. A full orchestral background is heard when Jesus shouts "Sprit" while he is dieing. Out of all sources I believe the Jesus of Nazareth is how Jesus is typically shown n all forms of media. It was far more serious and natural that Jesus Christ Superstar. It highlighted the fact that he was someone special who came to save world. I do not believe this idea was picked up fully enough in Jesus Christ superstar for it to be deemed a high-quality account of Jesus crucifixion. ...read more.

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