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The Problem of Suffering.

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The Problem of Suffering Suffering can be described as the condition of somebody who goes through some type of pain, distress, damage, grief or loss which occurs to themselves or someone they are close to. Many people have a negative outlook towards suffering but through this essay it will be shown how people have different views about suffering and when this occurs most. There is a wide range of views that people have of God in times of suffering. Usually when somebody undergoes suffering they ask God the question "Why me?" which is very common. They think that God caused the suffering just to make them feel unhappy. For example, if somebody were diagnosed with cancer they would most likely ask this question because they believe that nothing like this would ever happen to them. Another view that people have of God in times of suffering is going to the extreme of questioning his existence. ...read more.


I think suffering is not a random thing; rather, God picks people who he thinks can benefit from suffering. Suffering has a purpose other than this. It also makes people stronger. If someone undergoes suffering they are a stronger person at the end because they know what it is like to go through it. For example, if somebody is addicted to drugs and has a horrible experience with them and goes through rehabilitation they will know what it is like and will not go back to the drugs again because they had such a bad experience. This goes for other people around them such as their family and friends as well, if the same thing happened, the family and friends would go through suffering as well so they will also come out stronger people at the end. God's involvement in human suffering is very important to the way in which we live our lives. Without suffering we wouldn't be able to learn from our mistakes and we couldn't benefit from them. ...read more.


I would explain that by doing this, God showed his love for us and how much he was willing to give up just so our sins could be forgiven. I would also say that his or her suffering is neither a bad nor a good thing, just a test to see how they and other people would deal with it and show their love toward people who are suffering. If they were questioning God's existence I would tell them that he was the one that created them, put them on this earth, which he also created and that if you believe in him you will go to heaven for the rest of your afterlife. I would also tell them that God loves them very much. In this essay it has been shown how suffering can benefit us and also other people close to us. The things which have been covered are the ranges of views people have towards God in times of suffering, whether or not there is a purpose to it, the involvement God has with human suffering and also how I would respond to somebody who is suffering and is questioning God's existence. ...read more.

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