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The Return.

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Vishal Sookur The Return The floor I was on seemed frightfully empty and it made me suddenly wonder why I was still here; no one else was around working their socks off late at night. It may have been some consolation if I enjoyed my profession but the reality of it was that I didn't and anyone who became a solicitor out of choice needs to seek help, probably medical, after all, you don't hear about children having dreams about the English judicial system and playing with limited edition solicitor dolls that have karate document signing action or special solicitor outfits which you can wear and enact your dream of being a tiny cog in the fantastically adventurous world of law; or do you? It was 9:30p.m when I finally exited the Lawfords company building. I trundled through the car park in search of my chariot of fire, my slick wheels, a Ferrari F50, no, maybe a Jaguar or a DB7. ...read more.


I see life to be a burden. Why am I so depressed and negative about the world when so many enjoy this creation? Why has 'God' given me such a fucking crap life? A wife who can't cook, can't knit (one never knows when one will need a jumper), and isn't terribly easy on the eye in fact she's worse than that she's just butt-ugly; sixteen and a half stones of pure uselessness. Have I done something wrong in a previous life? Maybe I was Hitler or Stalin and now 'God' wants to punish me for trying to exterminate the Jews or killing 20 million Russians, by giving me the most boring and monotonous job man has ever known, a horrible wife and a daughter whose only 12 (going on to be 13 in December), but already resembles that fat lady on 'You've Been Framed' and possesses so many deficiencies that she alone provided the research for 256 pages of Richard North's 'The Encyclopaedia of Diseases'. ...read more.


Thinking of Mr Dingle, I remembered the numerous conversations we had had in the Millet Arms just opposite the Church on Stanton Drive. It baffled me how a man of such high stature could be so excessively content with his bog-standard family life and faithful mutt Ruffles that decided to provide my front lawn with fresh manure every morning. I walked through the gate, which squeaked as usual, noticing that the lights were still on, even at 10:15, damn, Molly may be asleep but Jill is probably awake. I hear that suicide is quite popular this season, but then why should I give in to this fiend who has such contempt for me? I've done nothing wrong but you intend on making my life a misery. You may be the all-knowing all-powerful God of this world but, why me! Husband to an obese wife, Father to a defunct daughter, Slave to this shitty life and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next. ...read more.

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