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The Right Decision

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The Right Decision Sandy stared at her doctor. She was in complete astonishment, to the news that she just received. "How can this be happening?" she thought. "I make one mistake, and my punishment is pregnancy?" Her parents would kill her if they found out. She could just imagine it right now. Her dad would just be shaking his head, disappointed in what has become of his only daughter, and her mom would be freaking out, screaming one moment and then crying the next. They would never forgive her. Worse off, they would never trust her again. Dr. Meadows gave her many suggestions as to what should happen next, but the only thing that stuck in her mind was an abortion. ...read more.


It can have a different blood type, and after nine months, it is a totally different person. Trying to justify the point of a woman's right to control her own body is a form of discrimination based on age and the fact that the unborn child cannot speak for them self. In the case of child abuse, the mother is not forced to keep her child. There are thousands of childless couples that would be more than happy to adopt and love that child as if it were their own. Abortion does not always make life easier for women. These women can suffer from emotional trauma, such as grief and regret, which may later harm the woman mentally. ...read more.


I feel that it is not right to end someone's life as quickly as it started. The next day, Sandy went to Dr. Meadow's office with her parents. The night before, they had discussed the issue of abortion thoroughly, listing the pros and the cons. The three of them realized that there were just too many cons, that that Sandy would go ahead and have her baby. She realized that what she did was her own mistake, and that her unborn child should not need to suffer. She knew that her life would never be the same, or even close to normal. Looking on the brighter side though, she thought to herself, "at least when my baby grows up, I will be able to make sure that he/she will never make the same mistake I did, and that they will not think for a second that abortion is right." ...read more.

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