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The Right to Life.

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R.S Abortion Abortion (premature expulsion of the fetus from the womb) has given many women the choice to end a pregnancy. To many of us abortion seems to be morally wrong and is disregarding human life. Although some of us share this view point, feminist argue that women have the right to choose whether they feel ready or able to cope with bringing up a child. There are two main positions that divide this issue and keep this an on going debate they are as follows; The Right to Life; For some people abortion is absolutely wrong and a pregnancy should never be terminated. These people support 'the right to life' position, which is known as Pro-Life. Pro-Lifers believe that it is wrong to kill an embryo or fetus because it is already a human being. ...read more.


Pro-Choicer's also point out that if abortions become illegal then women will be forced to use so called back-street abortions. These people perform abortions for money and often perform in dangerous conditions, which put the woman's life at risk. The Law states that an abortion is only to be performed if; * the continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk to the life of the pregnant woman greater than if the pregnancy were terminated * if it would prevent any physical or mental health risk to the pregnant woman or the existing children * there is substantial risk that if the child were born it would suffer from such mental or physical abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped * to be performed in a licensed clinic, NHS hospital or privatized hospital by a registered doctor Religion also has different viewpoints on abortion, Protestant women are strictly prohibited to abort their fetus, and in Ireland abortion is illegal however thousand of women travel to England to carry out abortions. ...read more.


I believe that if the child is not wanted then the child should be conceived and then put up for adoption. This is because the child lives and the women don't face the concept of guilt for taking away life. All life is sacred and important and just because a child is disabled, it doesn't give any reason for the child to be terminated, this is morally wrong. Many disabled people have lived a good life, Stephen Hawkins is an example of this. To me abortion is the easy way out of a problem, it's a choice that can be made by many women today, and puts into doubt the importance of human life. However for some people abortion is justifiable as humans have the right to choose. Many women don't tell the potential fathers about them being pregnant and that they are going to have an abortion, so should the potential fathers have a say? Yassir Hamid ...read more.

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