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The role and function of a Mosque

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RE Coursework A Place Of Muslim Worship Option 1 (a) (iii) Analyse and explain the role and function of the mosque in the Muslim community 4 Marks In this essay, I will be explaining the role and function of a mosque in a Muslim community. A mosque is a place of worship for believers of the Islamic faith. The primary purpose of the mosque is to serve as a place where Muslims can gather for prayer. The Arabic term for mosque is 'Masjid' derived from the root word 'Sajda' which means to prostrate before God. A mosque is important to Muslims all over the world because it reflects the universal message of brotherhood in Islam as all can stand, shoulder to shoulder, feet to feet, to perform their prayer irrespective of colour, race or wealth. ...read more.


The Prophet (pbuh) never stopped any non-Muslim coming in. He always welcomed them very openly and even encouraged them to come in and he encouraged the Muslims to bring them to the mosque so that they can familiarize themselves with the habits of Muslims. One common activity among many of the mosques is the functions for birth or marriage celebrations. Some mosques even have burial arrangements and facilities to wash and prepare the deceased for the afterlife in the Islamic way. Some mosques are used for charity or fundraising events to help raise money for those who need it. There are many rooms in the mosque that people rent to use for things like meetings and deliberation or like above, birth and marriage functions, charity events, parties etc. ...read more.


In some mosques there are even cr�ches where working parents can drop off young children in an Islamic environment and collect them later on knowing that they are safe. Mosques are also used as lecture halls where people can give speeches and lectures to awaken people and try to make them the best they can be. Mosques are very important to Muslims because it brings people together and helps to spread the word of God around. It plays a major role in society because it is a place where Muslims all over the world can turn to. Mosques are used for all sorts of things. The only activities that were prohibited in the mosque- aside from immoral acts- was buying and selling or trade. The Prophet (pbuh) made it a point that mosques are not be used for material gains. Otherwise, there is much evidence that the mosque is just a place for community. Ayesha Mufti 10a :) ...read more.

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