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The role of religion in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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Navina Kurup IBS-1 English Essay question number 3. The role of religion in Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez plays an integral part in the main event of the novel. The society featured in this novel has close ties to the Catholic religion. An important part of the Catholic religion is the belief that a woman's virginity should be kept preserved until she is married. The significance of the church is greatly stressed in the novel, as it is an important part of many Latin American communities. This is shown in the excessive preparations they made for the bishop's visit to the town. It was ironic how they thought the bishop was going to get off the boat this year, when he didn't even get off his boat the previous years. The obvious demonstration of strong Catholicism would be when Angela Vicario's secret that she wasn't a virgin when she was married was discovered, the Vicario brothers actually decided they were going to kill a man. Their decision to kill Santiago Nasar, who allegedly took Angela Vicario's virginity, arrived generally from societal pressures because that was what was expected of them. ...read more.


Instead, he shows that he dislikes the town; therefore by fate the town becomes evil with one murder. Santiago Nasar's murder resembles the crucifixion of Christ, and this is shown in the line "it looks like a stigma of the crucified Christ". This detail fits with the impression that they create momentarily during their attack, when they were nailing Santiago to the wooden door. The circumstances that Santiago was murdered in relate closely to Christ's story. Santiago was murdered for someone else's evil act. In other words, he was a sacrifice for the town's sins. No one does anything to prevent the murder despite the widespread knowledge of the Vicario brothers' intention. Instead, virtually the whole town witnessed the gory, gruesome event. Also, the way Santiago was stabbed seven times shows the hostility of the body and his life. During the autopsy, they did not even have the courtesy to have a doctor look at the body, but instead, had Father Carmen, who had no knowledge whatsoever on the matter. Father Carmen had demolished the body altogether, up to the point where it became unrecognizable. He should be repentant to call himself a Catholic, as disrespecting a human corpse in such a manner is utterly distasteful. ...read more.


This is similar to the cocks which crowed three times before Jesus' death. Although the town people pay a huge deal of attention to their religion, hypocrisy seems to be prevailing throughout the town. One prime example of this hypocrisy is Santiago Nasar , as he spent the night of the wedding having fun at Maria Cervantes' house, which would not be an act approved by Catholicism. It seems as though religion is a fa�ade behind which they hide all other indecent activities. Religion in this novel appears to be hypocritical, starting with the act of the bishop letting the people of the community down by not stopping by to bless them. Santiago Nasar was murdered for someone else's evil act, much like being murdered for the town's sins. Furthermore, they had Father Carmen perform the autopsy, when he is clearly not the best person to do the job. Thus, he disrespected the corpse by mutilating the body. Treating the body with disrespect does not coincide with religion; therefore Father Carmen's ways could be questioned. Religion in this novel appears to take a big role; however, it is a big role in a negative way. The town is still entrenched around communal values brought about hundreds of years ago, and they lack the strength to overcome these values and adjust to present day customs. ...read more.

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