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The Roman Catholic Church disapproves of divorced Catholics who have remarried receiving Holy Communion. Do you agree or disagree with this position?

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The Roman Catholic Church disapproves of divorced Catholics who have remarried receiving Holy Communion. Do you agree or disagree with this position? The Church disapproves of divorced Catholics who have remarried receiving Holy Communion. They do this because they don't recognize divorce so in the eyes of the Church divorced couples are still married. The R.C. Church doesn't recognize divorce because: - Vows say till death us do part. Devalues the sacrament of marriage. Marriage is a sign of the faithful, exclusive and indissoluble relationship in the Trinity. The love/relationship of the Trinity does not end therefore the sacrament of marriage doesn't end. The Church doesn't regard marriage as a sin, it is a tragedy. Personally I agree with the position of the Church because if you marry it should be forever, as marriage is representative of the Trinity, that begin the never ending love that God shares with us, that is way marriage should last forever. ...read more.


If the priest of a certain parish knows that a certain couple is divorced and remarried and gives them Holy Communion it could cause a scandal within the parish and put the priest and others in a difficult situation. Also by getting divorced they have made themselves outcasts of the Church because the whole point of Church is taking in Jesus' body and blood to show that you love him and believe in this teaching and ways, getting divorced and remarried means you can't do this therefore making you an outcast within the Church. However, other people may disagree with me. They may disagree with me because they may think that no one has the right to judge other, only God has the right to do that, so the priests can't refuse to give them Holy Communion because even though he represents God and does work spreading his word, he isn't God, ...read more.


But since the other person who wanted or forced the divorce e.g. they committed adultery has remarried the parish may think that the other innocent person can't receive it even though they have done nothing wrong. Also they will feel like they have been outcasted by the parish because even though they haven't committed any serious sin, they are divorced so therefore can't receive Communion. In other Christian denominations divorced people can still receive Holy Communion, this is because divorce is recognized and if you remarry it is like marrying for the first time, and you are not considered as committing adultery. The Methodist Church is an example of a Christian denomination where this happens. In conclusion, I would say that I agree with the statement and I think that any other Catholic would agree with me and my stance. However people from other denominations will certainly disagree with me and my stance. ...read more.

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