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The Roman Catholic Church teaches that human life is sacred - Explain how this teaching influences its attitude towards abortion

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AO1 ''The Roman Catholic Church teaches that human life is sacred'' Explain how this teaching influences its attitude towards abortion The R.C Church teaches that all human life is sacred. The word sacred means devoted or help especially acceptable to a deity. Both the old and new testaments teach that human life is sacred and should not be terminated. God created life in his image and each one of us is like him. To kill a human being is like killing a part of god and this has greatly influenced the teachings of the R.C Church about abortion. Human life must not be violated and in abortion we are doing exactly that. The scriptures tell us that ''who ever sheds the blood of a man, by man shall blood be shed; for god made man in his own image'' Genesis 9: 6-7. In the book of Luke we are told ''are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten by God'' Luke 12: 6. The ultimate teaching is found in the fifth commandment ''thy shall not kill'' thus providing that in god eyes human life is precious. This notion of sacredness epitomises the churches teaching that abortion is immoral. Catholics believe that all life is sacred and see the unborn baby as a human being from the moment of conception and a gift from God. ...read more.


The Church of England made a report in 1984 which stated ''the foetus is to be specially protected and respected'' it did not end there they continued to say ''none the less the life of the foetus is none absolutely sacrosanct if it endangers the life of the mother'' consequently the Church of England permits abortion id the mothers life in endanger examples being that if the mother was suffering from a life threatening disease and to go through with the pregnancy might result in the woman's death. This does not mean that the Church of England permits abortion. In cases of rape, incest and unwanted teenage pregnancies it is permitted. The Church of England upholds the sanctity of life and sees the foetus as a living human being from the moment of conception. In 1987 the Church of Scotland also made a statement. It stated ''abortion has no moral justification and represents the unwarranted destruction of human life that is made in the image of God'' they go on to say ''in the great majority of cases'' The protestant tradition believe that abortion is acceptable in certain circumstances, but sometimes these circumstances are not clear only the minority of protestant groups e.g. Christians For Free Choice believe that the decision should be left for the mother. The viewpoints of Evangelical Christians base their views on the bible and are therefore extremely opposed to abortion. ...read more.


Therefore the Catholic Church believes that god is the only giver, sustainer and taker away of life so it is against the catholic churches belief for a life to be ended by means of abortion. In some cases god is not seen as the only one who can take away life for example if a woman has fallen pregnant due to rape then some people may feel that abortion is the right choice to make or if going through with the birth of a child might put the mothers life at risk due to some sort of illness then abortion is seen as acceptable. Some people will argue that god should be the only one with the right to end a life as if an unborn child should be allowed to be terminated by others then there will be more impertinence in society towards god and his teachings. God has taught us that life is sanctified and it must not be taken away. We should be thankful for this great gift from god, which has brought happiness into our lives and if we are thankful to god for giving us it then we should accept that he should be the only one to end it. I myself agree with this statement as I see god as the only giver, sustainer and taker away of life. God may end our lives quickly, painlessly or painfully but at the end of the day he offered us all a change to experience life to its fullest. ...read more.

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