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The Roman Catholic Church teaches that human life is sacrede. Explain how this teaching influences its attit6ude to abortion and euthananasia, showing that you understand other points of view.

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The Roman Catholic Church teaches that human life is sacrede. Explain how this teaching influences its attit6ude to abortion and euthananasia, showing that you understand other points of view. The roman catholic church teaches that human life is sacred, this teaching influences us in many ways in abortion and euthanasia, first abortion, Abortion is the termination of the life of a foetus (baby) The Roman Catholic Church says "Never under any pretext may abortion be resorted to either by a family or by the political authority, as a legitimate means of regulating births" this means abortion is wrong and god is the only one that can choose if your life is over or not. The United Nations says " the child by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before aswell as after the birth" this is saying that abortion is wrong and that it is a human being no matter, if it is still in the womb or not it is killing another human. In the bible, genesis 1:27 it says "god created human beings in his own image of god he created them, male and female he created them. ...read more.


Some people think they should be able to sign a legal document asking for this the doctor could then provide a lethal drug for the person to give to him or her self, or the doctor could do it for them. Today euthanasia is used to mean mercy killing for the following reasons. 1. To put an end to extreme suffering. 2. To prevent abnormal babies growing up. 3. To end the life of the mentally ill. 4. To prevent the incurable from having a miserable if. The law on euthanasia is illegal in most countries in the world. There is only one country in the world where it is legal that is Holland. The law says that anyone (doctors included ) that helps a patient to die risks being charged with murder or manslaughter. The church 's view on this is 1. Euthanasia is murder. 2. Euthanasia is contrary to the dignity of human beings. 3. Euthanasia destroys the respect that is due to GOD, the Beginning and end of all life. 4. There is a clear difference between discontinuing treatment and actively killing someone. ...read more.


People should be able to make a 'living will'. A 'living will' is when someone makes a will which states that if they become terminally ill and incapable of making decisions for themselves, they want to be given a painless death to relieve them of their painful suffering. So it clears the doctor or person who helps them too die or murder or manslater . But on the other hand life is sacried or 'sanctity of life', sanctity of life is the belief that life is a gift from god and that as such only god has the power to begin or end it. god created us, so life belongs to him and is sacred and holy, and as such it should not be "tamperd" with. As life comes from god, the belief has developed that life is sacred, it is holy and set apart for god. This means that life must be protected and used in the way that god would want. This category falls into euthanasia the taking of their life by e.g. lethal injection. Some that all Catholics agree on parts of each others. I believe that it is up to the person, or if the person can not peek for themselves, the next of kin, to take their own life. Shaun Duxbury 24/02/02 ...read more.

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