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The Sabbath

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The Sabbath AO1 The Sabbath has been for many years practiced by the Jews on a Saturday and that's why you don't see them out at certain times of the day to Jesus and god the Sabbath is still a day of rest, but on the genesis chapter 1-2 god rests on the seventh day. Sabbath in Jewish means rest, so Jews followed god into resting from sunset on Friday and goes on till sunset on Saturday. The Jews believe that that the Sabbath is a day set aside for god and rest. It is celebrated at home with a special family meal on a Friday evening and to then go to the synagogue and pray. Unnecessary work is much avoided along with the other 39 rules the Jews set to make the Sabbath a day of rest and to enforce these rules there are also the 10 commandments to make the Sabbath a very strict practice known throughout the world. ...read more.


But he does more, he heals a man with the paralyzed hand on a Sabbath when your supposed to "rest". After this act the Pharisees left the synagogue and met at once with some members of the Herds party, and made plans to get Jesus killed. Another story from Marks gospel is "The man with an evil spirit". This is when Jesus goes to the synagogue and teaches the people attending the Sabbath .people in the synagogue were amazed at his teaching and were surprised to find that he taught like a rabbi .A man with a mental illness or an evil spirit as they thought stood up and shouted "What do you want with us Jesus of Nazareth??" "Have you come to destroy us??" "I know who you are, the Holy one of God". Jesus the sent the evil spirit away and everyone in the synagogue was amazed, even the Pharisees were shocked .at this time not one person objected to Jesus healing someone on the Sabbath , even in a synagogue. ...read more.


But then they realize that the huge stone had already been rolled off. So they ran in the tomb alarmed to see a man with white robe sitting there and he said "Don't be alarmed I know your looking for Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified .He's not here , he has been raised. Go and give this message to his disciples including Peter." and so the ran off distressed and terrified , the said nothing to anyone the were too scared. On marks last supper chapter 14 verse 12 to 25 describes how Jesus has his Passover with his disciples. this is the foundation of the Christian belief , the breaking of the bread to be Jesus body and the wine to be his blood. Holy communion is practiced and understood in different ways in the Christian community. For example the salvation army don't have communion or mass and concentrate more on good works and helping people. ...read more.

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