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The Sabbath

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The Sabbath AO1 Bruno Babolin The Sabbath has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Its been practiced by the Jews on the sixth day of the week ;Saturday; since the days of Jesus life and that's the reason why you will not see out many Jews on the Sabbath as Jesus and God explained it's the day of rest. Even though God rested on the seventh day (Genesis chapter 1-2) and not the sixth this being Sunday in our calendar, but to explain this the Jewish week starts with Sunday so Saturday is after all the last day of their week. Sabbath in Jewish means rest, so the Jews followed gods example and rest from Fridays sunset to Saturdays sunset. The Jews believe that that the Sabbath is a day set aside for God to worship him and rest. It is celebrated at home with a special family meal on a Friday evening and to then go to the synagogue and pray. Unnecessary work is much avoided along with the other 39 rules the Jews set to make the Sabbath a day of rest and to enforce these rules there are also the 10 commandments to make the Sabbath a very strict practice known throughout the world. ...read more.


People were looking at Jesus to see if he was going to heal the man, and after he did Jesus went to them..."What does our law allow us to do on the Sabbath? To help or to harm? To save someone's life or to destroy it?" After this act the Pharisees left the synagogue and met at once with some members of the Herds party, and made plans to get Jesus killed. This tells us Christians that if we carry out important jobs like working in hospitals, police, fire fighters etc were not breaking the Sabbath law, instead you're doing what Jesus was doing himself healing the sick on the Sabbath and you're carrying out an important commandment which is love your neighbor. "The son of man is lord even of the Sabbath" this means that us humans are more important then the Sabbath only if were helping humanity get better in anyway like healing and other good deeds, and not to work to gain extra money and collect more riches gaining more selfishness. (Mark chapter 2 verse 28) Jesus was a practicing Jew because he taught on synagogues. ...read more.


Holy Communion is practiced and understood in different ways in the Christian community. There are different services for different denominations for example the Salvation Army doesn't have communion or mass and concentrate more on good works and helping people. Some Christians do no celebrate Holy Communion because they feel it's more important loving their neighbor and loving Christ instead of receiving his body and blood so they just pray and worship him without the Holy Communion, because as you can see in Mark chapter 12 verse 28-34 Jesus explains to a teacher of the law that the most important commandment is to love god with all your heart, love god with all your soul and love god with all your mind love god with all your strength. Whilst the second most important commandment is love your neighbor as you love yourself. This shows that the main thing god cares bout is the love for your neighbor and the love for him doing this will assure your place in heaven, like all Christians go to church, worship god, love your neighbors and you will be accepted in to the kingdom of God. Bruno Babolin ...read more.

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