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The sacrament of the Eucharist cannot be understood without the knowledge of the Jewish festival of Passover. Jews all across the world celebrate it every year. It is the most important memory of the Jewish people.

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The Passover The sacrament of the Eucharist cannot be understood without the knowledge of the Jewish festival of Passover. Jews all across the world celebrate it every year. It is the most important memory of the Jewish people. In the times of the Old Testament, the Jews (the children of Israel) were slaves in Egypt. Moses the called upon by God to go and free his people from the clutches of the Pharaoh who had been keeping the Jews as slaves. The pharaoh did not release the people of Israel until the last plague was over (The death of all the first born of Egypt). The Jewish people were not affected by this plague as they performed a special ceremony that Moses had been informed about by God. They were to slaughter a lamb and sprinkle the blood of the lamb over the doorposts of their houses. This lamb blood meant that it was a Jewish house and the angel of death will Passover the house. Every year Jewish people celebrate the Passover. During the Passover, the father explains to the youngest son that 'on this night' God saved his people from slavery. When saying 'on this night' the Jewish family makes an ancient memory real for the present moment. This is important seeing what Jesus did at the last supper. ...read more.


Jesus made clear that his body and blood would be the new agreement of God with his people. The sacrifice of his life for the forgiveness of sin only took place on the cavalry when Jesus was crucified, but like Jews, the priest at Mass repeats the offering that Jesus made as though the moment was there again. The Jewish festival of Passover is a great help in understanding the Christian celebration of the Eucharist. The Passover symbols... 1) Haroset - mixture of apples, nuts, wine and cinnamon. A reminder of the mortar used by the slaves in their building work in Egypt. 2) Karpas - usually parsley. Dipped in salt water before bring eaten. This reminds them about tears of the ancestors in slavery. 3) Maror - horseradish, reminding the bitterness of slavery 4) Hazeret (lettuce) - can leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth, the experience of the Hebrews in Egypt - at first it was pleasant but eventually turned out to be pain. 5) Zeroa - roasted lamb. Not eaten during the Seder. Reminds them of the sacrifices in the temple and of the blood of the lamb that was sprinkled on the doors of their homes. 6) Betzah - roast egg. Not eaten during the Seder. Symbol of new life Passover is divided into four sections Introduction 1. ...read more.


The blood of the lamb was what saved the Jews. The blood of Jesus was what saved All Christians. Sometimes Jesus is called the Lamb of God for that very reason. Different understandings of the Last Supper There are many different ways people understand the last supper... Eucharist - Means thanksgiving and is a good name for the celebration of the last meal. Christians give thanks, just as Jesus did, for bread and wine, which are the fruits of harvest. Wheat and grapes are harvested and then made by people into bread and wine. There is also a deeper, spiritual thanksgiving, which is brought out clearly in the orthodox liturgy. The orthodox service emphasises worship and thanks to God through the word of God, and through the great 'mystery' of the Eucharist itself. Holy communion - The sharing of bread and wine emphasises the Christian fellowship of all those who believe Jesus is the Saviour and the Lord. The sharing or Communion is a holy one because Christ brings his followers together. The lords supper - The direct way of saying that Christians gather together to obey the command of Jesus at the last supper. Some Christian groups always call this act of worship the lords supper because it is the title which is nearest to the new testament event which was the last supper of Jesus. The Mass - This title is the one used by Roman Catholic Church. It is taken from the latin word which means 'ended' or 'finished' - 1 - ...read more.

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