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The Sacraments - Marriage

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R.E. Coursework The Sacraments: Marriage. A sacrament is an outward religious act which has a spiritual meaning given to it by the words and actions of Jesus, in which a Christian grows in love of God. For many people the sacrament of marriage is the most special and wonderful sacrament of all. Marriage, like all other sacraments, has its outward signs. The outward signs of marriage are the exchanging and wearing of the rings, and the blessing. The rings are special because they represent the love and bond between the couple. Just like true love the rings have no beginning and no end. They can represent an outward sign of the loving commitment of each partner to the other and can also act as a reminder of that very special commitment. The blessing is given after the 'Our Father' when the priest talks to and blesses the bride. There are two important themes of Catholic marriage in this blessing: 1. "That a husband's human love for his wife is a model of the love which Christ has for God's people - the Church. 2. That marriage is a relationship based on a faithfulness which is plain for all to see." ...read more.


It would mean a poor standard of life for the parents and also for their children. It would be very hard to look after more than four children even if you didn't work, but you have to work to provide for them; but if you go to work you would not have sufficient time to give your children the love, care and attention that they need. So either way you cant win, this makes having a large family impractical and unfair on the parents and children. So how do you prevent having so many children? Easy, stop having intercourse with your partner; but this is not easy because all couples want to show their love and affection to each other, thus they have sex. Therefore the solution was family planning that uses artificial contraceptives, such as the contraceptive pill and the condom, were introduced. This is not a solution for Roman Catholics however, as the Catholic Church does not agree with artificial contraceptives, it says "Family planning which involves artificial or chemical methods of contraception, and which includes an acceptance of the principle of abortion, is not keeping with the Church's teaching on family life." ...read more.


Firstly, why should a Priest confer a sacrament to someone when that person has no intention of living it out? This is just a great waste of God's gift and this simply should not happen. Secondly by giving a sacrament to someone who did not practice their faith disregard to the sacrament would be brought about. A sacrament is supposed to be received with dignity, it is meant to be a great honour to receive a gift from God, but allowing a person who didn't practice their faith would give the vows no meaning, it would just change them into a bunch meaningless words. Also by giving the sacrament to someone who did not practice their faith the sacrament itself would be celebrated for the wrong reasons. The sacrament would be just for show, so the person can say that they are a Christian, but really they're not. These are all very good reasons to agree with the statement. In conclusion there is mainly two types of people: 1. Those who don't practice their faith because it is not possible. 2. Those who don't practice their faith because they are not very good Christians. Either way people still disagree with each other over the statement: "A Priest should always refuse the sacraments to those who do not practice their faith." 1 ...read more.

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