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The Sacrifice.

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The Sacrifice. During the Iron Age, in the village of Tollund Fen there was a young man named Ben. Ben had been treated like a God since his conception. The reason for this was a prophecy foretold by the wise elders; the prophecy foretold that when Ben reached the age of eighteen years, he was destined to be called upon by the Gods, in which case he would fly to the heavens and become a God himself. Ben was allowed to do anything he wanted. He did not work the land, cook or clean, as all of these things were thought to be beneath him. ...read more.


All the villagers had collected everything of value (jewels, statues, etc.) from their homes, and placed them around Ben and the tree that he was perched upon, so that he could take them up to heaven with him on his journey. Ben formed a noose and secured the other end around a thick branch. He then placed the noose around his own neck. Before jumping off the branch that he was perched upon, Ben shouted, "You are to witness a miracle here today, now that I am detached from the earth I can fly to my new home, the Kingdom of Heaven!" He jumped and waved his arms like a headless chicken waves its wings when its throat is cut. ...read more.


A young man was the first to pick up a stone and throw it at the elders in anger, the rest of the villagers followed suit soon after. As the number of stones thrown increased, so did the size of the stones, until it was only rocks being thrown. This continued even after the elders had drawn their last breaths. The villagers then walked back to the tree to cut Ben's body down from the noose. They buried his body as a sign of respect, for Ben had unknowingly given his life for no reason, other than a false prophecy. Having buried Ben and paid their respects, the villagers retrieved their valuables and were forced to become a nomadic tribe, as they had used all of food during the celebration. ...read more.

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