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The sanctity of life

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The sanctity of life Most people think life is valuable. Christians however feel that life is sacred. Sacred means that they think it is a special, given and holy thing. The reason they think that its sacred it because the Bible says how all life is a gift form God. God created us all unique and he decided everything that will happen to us, nothing was an accident, therefore life must be looked after and used how god intended. Life is a responsibility and we should treat any kind of it respectfully otherwise we are destroying God's creation and so we must value life highly, and also live it accordingly to God's will. People need to live their life until they die of a natural cause to find what god has planned for them. Christians try to model themselves to be like Jesus, to care for everyone and to try to be active in helping others improve their quality of life. Most Christians believe that god created human life and the rest of the world. Genesis 1:26-7 (creation) Then god said, 'let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all creatures that move along the ground.' ...read more.


Can a person choose to end their life if they are suffering and are in pain? If a person had a dying elderly family member, then they would think a person should have the choice, but in other situations they may say they don't have a choice and that only God has the choice. Can you judge if someone's life is worth living? In this question there could be many arguments, some for, some against and others in between due to the circumstances. All questions in abortion and euthanasia have many answers and have different effects on different religions. The bible and Christian faith both teach that life is precious, it is god given, and that god has a plan for everybody's life, all life deserves respect and that it should not be destroyed. Most Christians believe strongly in all of these points, but other people may not, this causes grief and trouble when these kinds of issues come about. Euthanasia is when a life is ended prematurely by someone who has been asked because the person doesn't want to continue their life for reasons such as terminal illness .In England euthanasia is illegal; however in some countries it is legal because they believe that people should have the choice to end their life in certain circumstances. ...read more.


The reason why Christians disagree over the question of euthanasia is because God has mapped out everyone's life and euthanasia is ending it prematurely therefore going against gods will. There are those which interpret the bible literally and those who interpret the bible more liberally. Those who interpret the bible literally will say killing someone is a sin and if you do for any reason you will go to hell. The catholic view will be influenced by a grave violation of the law of god. Those Christians who interpret the bible more liberally will feel that killing someone is a sin and is very, very bad but if you killed someone in self defence then you will not go to hell, and that you have to repent your sins. Many people feel it is time to review the situation in Britain and consider making voluntary euthanasia legal because partly the reason is that there is so many ways to keep people alive, but what if they don't want to be kept alive? Doctors may try their hardest to keep patients alive but some people would rather they just died. A person chooses everything they do in life and they should have the choice weather they want to end their life or not. (Depending on the circumstances). There are groups that try to change the law (legalise euthanasia) these are called exit and voluntary euthanasia society. ...read more.

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