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The sanctity of life - abortion and euthanasia

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Religious Studies GCSE Coursework: THE SANCTITY OF LIFE: ABORTION AND EUTHANASIA AO1 Christians believe all life is a gift from God and sacred. The Ten Commandments are there to make people respect other life and their property. One of the commandments is "Thou shalt not kill." This shows Christians should respect life under all circumstances and should not kill a human life form, be it a growing foetus or a terminally ill geriatric. We are known very well by God and he knows us in intimate details. "You created every part of me; you put me together in my mother's womb." (Psalm 139) This shows God created us and he knows every part of us. The beginning of life is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. One example is at the birth of Jesus. The birth is so special three wise men come to pay respects and give gifts. Life is sacred at all stages of life. Growing foetus' are especially vulnerable as they don't have any say in what happens. When women are in certain stages of pregnancy they can feel the baby kicking and moving inside them. It can also be seen on an ultra sound scanner. ...read more.


Many people who have terminal illnesses have a poor quality of life and often can't feed themselves or care for themselves in general. Others can be in a permanent vegetative state, (PVS) this is where someone has problems with their brains and when conscious processes are in active. When people are in either of these states they often turn to mercy killing or euthanasia. However there are protesters to this who believe that as life is sacred no one has the right to intentionally take this away. These people prefer benemortasia which avoids keeping people alive at all cost yet also respects the sanctity of life. A joint submission from the Church of England, House of Bishops and the Roman Catholic Church's conference of England and Wales to the House of Lords select committee on medical ethics showed the Anglicans and the Catholic Church believes people should respect the sanctity of life. They teach that ordinary care is compulsory which means Christians owe people in a permanent vegetative state the duty of feeding them, washing them and turning them to prevent bed sores. Anything which is beyond this is classed as extraordinary care which a Catholic is not obliged to do. ...read more.


AO3 "What Christians believe is up to them. They shouldn't try to make others accept their position." Some people would agree with this statement, everybody has a right to free will. Therefore Christians should respect other people's opinions as they do their own. They should also accept that they shouldn't pressurise others to accept their position. If Christians cannot decide on a position on an issue then why should other people accept their views on certain issues? Some people may disagree with the statement, they may say that Jesus said in Johns Gospel: "I am the way the truth and the light." Therefore Christians should follow his example and they should try and persuade others of Jesus' example as he also said to his Disciples: "Go forth and teach all nations." Therefore as Christians become Disciples of Jesus they should also try to persuade people that Jesus teachings should be followed. Finally there is a difference between forcing and persuading, Christians should try and persuade and show their points of view, BUT NOT FORCE! In Conclusion, I agree that Christians should follow Jesus' example and do as the church teaches. They should also try and persuade those who want abortion or thinking about aiding euthanasia that it is wrong and it is wrong as it is against what the church says and in turn the teachings of Jesus. ...read more.

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