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The Sermon On the Mount

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THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT The Sermon on the Mount is a collection of sayings of Jesus. Jesus used to go out and preach to people by telling parables. He said many things, which tell us how to live our lives The sermon starts off with nine sayings called BEATITUDES, which tell us how to live happy lives. (1) We can be happy if we do not despair. We must keep hope and faith in God. (2) We can be happy if we search for God and allow God into our lives. (3) We can be happy if we search for justice and peace and put away selfish thoughts. ...read more.


TOPIC WHAT JESUS SAID ABOUT THEM THE LAW People must obey the laws of the time. But also think about what is in your heart. The state of a person's heart is what can make all the difference between a good a bad person. ANGER If we can control our minds and stop anger then we will also control our actions. Anger and hate leads to violence. ADULTERY Again a lustful thought towards another person is what leads to adultery. Control your thoughts and your actions will be controlled. Sin is not just wrong actions. It is wrong thoughts. ...read more.


People should set a good example themselves by trying to forgive. CHARITY, PRAYER & FASTING Do not show your religion to others. God sees what you do. God sees what is in your hearts. SINCERITY in religion is important. Don't just give to charity to look good. Don't just pray a load of meaningless words. Do these things with the right intention. MONEY & POCESSIONS Money is not wrong but if it takes over your life it leads to selfishness. Spiritual wealth can be stored up and taken to Heaven. It is important what is in your hearts. This is what is important. Financial wealth is not so important. JUDGING OTHERS Be sensitive towards others. Do not judge people too harshly. No one is perfect. ...read more.

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