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The Seventh-day Adventist ReligionThe Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) religion is a fast growing religion and shows no sign of slowing down. There are currently 155 SDA hospitals

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Amy Stephens Sociology September 29, 2005 The Seventh-day Adventist Religion The Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) religion is a fast growing religion and shows no sign of slowing down. There are currently 155 SDA hospitals and 276 clinics throughout the world. Many congregations have a Dorcas Society which provides food and supplies to the needy. They currently operate 92 post-secondary institutions, almost 1000 secondary schools and over 4000 elementary schools and kindergartens. This subculture of people not only has strong beliefs which set them apart from other religions but are often known as a very conservative group of people. Seventh-day Adventists take great pride in their youth and go to extreme efforts to help them succeed throughout their lives. With all the help they give their youth you can just imagine all of the famous and well known people that are proud to say that they are Adventists. Seventh-day Adventists follow most of the beliefs of conventional conservative christians such as creation, the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, the original sin, the virgin birth, and the divinity of Christ. They also believe in Satan, the truthfulness of Scriptures as they were originally written, the resurrection of Jesus, salvation by the forgiveness of Christ. However, they differ on a number of other beliefs such as their thoughts on immortality. ...read more.


The Seventh Day Adventists diet demands that the animals be treated with respect and slaughtering must be done in a humane way. Many SDA members are vegetarians who supplement their diet with eggs and milk. Many religious figures state that people should dress conservatively however the Seventh-day Adventist state in their church doctrines that members are expected to dress simply and not adorn their bodies in jewelry or decorations. Seventh Day Adventists are told that they should only watch only uplifting entertainment. They are not to participate in "worldly amusements" such as the theater and dance. SDA members believe similar to other faiths in that inter-faith marriages are discouraged. Divorce is strongly discouraged also. There are strict grounds under which a divorce is allowed, mainly if their spouse was guilty of adultery or fornication. Acceptable grounds are if they were abandoned by an unbelieving spouse, physical violence. Adultery or fornication includes incest, child sexual abuse, or homosexual behavior. However, abandonment by a believing spouse would not be grounds for divorce. (A believing spouse means a fellow SDA baptized member; Catholics, Jews, or other Protestants are considered unbelievers.) A death of a spouse or a divorce occurred; these are the only grounds for remarriage. ...read more.


Richard Wright was one of first African-American writers to achieve literary fame. Arna Bontemps is thought of as an important Harlem Renaissance writer and poet. Harry Anderson is an American painter and illustrator. Rachel Roy is a fashion designer and known greatly for her Sunday only fashion shows. Ben Carson is an accomplished neurosurgeon and is in record books as the first to successfully separate Siamese twins joined at head. Busta Rhymes who is still a well known rap singer. Admiral Barry Black became the Senate Chaplain for the U.S. Senate in August 2003 she was the first African-American and first SDA to hold this position. John Osborne is an on air televangelist. George Speight is the leader of an indigenous uprising and non-violent coup attempt in Fiji. Also, Magic Johnson who is a professional basketball player is a Seventh-day Adventists. Seventh-day Adventists are very interesting people. They not only help run just about every type of support group you could possibly think of for their communities, but they raise money for less fortunate people and have shelters for women, children, and homeless. This group of people is known for being one of the most community motivating religious groups and is very active with different types of youth groups. These people in general not only believe in living healthy lives; mind, body and soul but believe in leaving the world better than how they found it. ...read more.

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