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The significance of baptism in the modern world

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The significance of baptism in the modern world Our lord gave the commandment to his disciples " Go out and make disciples of all nations baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Mathew 28:19-20 Through baptism a person is truly incorporated into his/her church and is reborn to a sharing of the divine life. Baptism, instituted by Christ himself, is equally significant in today's modern world as it was during the earlier years of Christ's teachings. Baptism is the beginning of a fullness of life in Christ; therefore it is most significant that an infant once born into his/her biological family is shortly welcomed into his faith family through Baptism. ...read more.


Water was used in the first baptism performed by John the Baptist when he baptised Jesus in the River Jordan. This symbol of water has survived and is still in use today as the preliminary method of Baptism. It symbolises cleansing and new life. Not only is water used in Baptism but also, as in the Catholic Church, it is used to denounce the death of a person in their Last Rights. When early Christians were Baptised they descended down under the water and then rose up out of it as a sign that they were starting a new life with Christ. Many Churches to this day have steps descending down towards the baptismal font resembling death and resurrection. ...read more.


Less people appear to be going to mass and the fact that more violence has occurred (at least in Northern Ireland) due to the fighting over land ownership. Many older people attend services more often than the younger generation. We all have the same faith so why not go to mass as often as possible? So from this information, we can collectively see that baptism today means almost the same as it ever has for the Christians and many of the similarities are apparent and although some things have changed, not very much has jolted the importance of baptism for the modern world. It may be infant it may be believer but as far as I can see, everyone is Baptised into Christianity and everyone believes in one thing Christ. ...read more.

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