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'The similarities between Infant and Adult Baptism outweigh the differences'.

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'The similarities between Infant and Adult Baptism outweigh the differences'. Many people have questioned whether or not the similarities between infant and adult baptism actually outweigh the differences. In my opinion there are more differences than similarities between infant and adult baptism. Below I have outlined the differences and similarities between the two. One similarity between infant and adult baptism is that water is used in both services. However the difference comes in the blessing of water. In infant baptism the priest blesses the baptismal water with a prayer and breathes on the water in the shape of a cross. But in adult baptism the water in which the adult is immersed is not blessed. The places in which adults and infants are baptised are also different. Infant Baptism takes place at the Font, (which is in an eastwardly direction- symbolising resurrection). ...read more.


The godparents play a significant role in infant baptism. The reason as to why godparents have to be present at the baptism is that they promise to watch over the child and ensure that he or she is brought up in the Christian faith. In adult baptism neither parents nor godparents are present at the actual baptism to give a declaration of their faith. This is because the candidate is old enough to give indication of their faith in Christianity, it is the candidate who chooses their path and it is the candidate who has to ensure that they apply themselves to the ways of Christianity. Therefore before the candidate is baptised they give a declaration of their faith in Jesus. Another difference is that in infant baptism the baby is anointed with the 'oil of gladness' and is again anointed with oil (chrism) ...read more.


The significance being that the Christian faith is centred on Jesus, his teachings and God, so baptism is a sign that people are following Jesus and are willing to do as he did. I agree with the statement as I feel that the differences are physical, different objects are used and the services are conducted differently. For example in infant baptism a font is used however in adult baptism a pool is used for immersion. If we consider the place in which Jesus was baptised neither the font nor the pool are significant to Jesus as he was baptised in the River Jordan. Some may argue that being baptised in the River Jordan is not practical today (due to distance or money) but it shows that being baptised in the pool is not different from being baptised in the font. The difference in the font and the pool is the size; it would be very difficult to immerse an adult in the font, as it is too small. ...read more.

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