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The Suffering, Death and Resurrection of jesus in important to modern day Christians, as it gives a message of support from God

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The Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Jesus is important to modern day Christians, as it gives a message of support from God. Although Christians could see how Jesus suffered and understand it as the final victory of good over evil, it must still have been difficult for them to understand how it was possible for the messiah to be persecuted by pagans. Though suffering is not pleasant, good can come of it. If we look at the example of Christ, he had to suffer but rose from death. Jesus experienced physical suffering when he made his way to Golgotha or 'The Place of the Skull'. Mark 15:22. Several Christians argue that mark wrote so much about suffering as he wanted to emphasise what it meant to follow Christ, furthermore, by becoming a Christian, you will probably have to suffer for what you believe. Those who do suffer hideous and torturous deaths, like Jesus, will also share in his resurrection. Christianity wouldn't have lasted this long, without the belief of being resurrected, resurrection also proves that Jesus is/was the Son of God, again which proves that God had the power to raise his son from death. ...read more.


If the world was judged tomorrow in a kind of cosmic law court, no of us would very well. But according to Christianity, God did not want this to happen, the love and obedience Jesus had in dying can still somehow make up for everything that men and women do wrong. The idea that Jesus' death puts everything right between God and the world is regarded as the 'Atonement'. Down the centuries, Christians have come to agree, on the way in which, most of the big ideas of Christianity function. For instance, they quite quickly realised that the idea that Jesus showed what God was like, meant that he was 'God made man'. However this has never actually happened to the idea of the atonement. All Christians believe Jesus died for the sins of the world, and that his death was a sacrifice. People's sins are buried in Jesus' death and they share his resurrection from their death. Nobody has yet come up with a way of explaining why it is important, which doesn't involve questions. ...read more.


However, Jesus' own resurrection was quite different; he rose to a new everlasting life, one in which contains no sin, suffering or death. It is important for Christians to understand that in heaven, there is NO suffering or sin, enabling the Christians to see their resurrection similarly. Resurrection proves the following: Jesus was/is the Son of God, Jesus' teachings were true, and finally it shows the power of God, by raising his son from death. "He is not here, he has been raised". Mark 16:6. In conclusion, when Jesus prayed, he asked for his father to spare him from the torment of suffering, (Garden of Gethsemane Mark 14:36-42) but he submitted himself to his fathers will, this willingness is the total devotion to his father. Christians see in Jesus' decision, not to run away, but to face the destiny awaiting you. A supreme example of sacrifice in love, a love that is so strong that its possessor will endure pain for the sake of others. Christians believe that Jesus knew his death and resurrection was a necessary part of Gods plan, the well being of humanity and he was willing to suffer death and humiliation for our salvation. ...read more.

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