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The teachings of Christianity on Prejudice and Discrimination

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Religious Studies Coursework The teachings of Christianity on Prejudice and Discrimination Sarah Cowling 7187 Ashton Park School 50603 CONTENTS PAGE Section A Describe the teachings of Christianity on Prejudice & Discrimination, and how people should be treated. Section B Explain how followers of Christianity may put these teachings into practice. Section C Everyone is equal and must be treated exactly the same. Do you agree? Bibliography Religion in Focus - Christianity in Today' World GCSE KS4 Today's Issues and Christian Beliefs - Simon & Christopher Danes What the Church Says - Christian Education Movement History of South Africa - Readers Digest History of South Africa - Through the Eyes of the Blacks Martin Luther King Website Various Other Websites that I can't remember Teachings of Christianity Prejudice and Discrimination Section A Today in a divided and changing world, sometimes you will find that Religion is blamed for the arguments between people, or groups of people, and wars "holy wars" and "race wars particularly, this can be scaled down to look at such things as racism in the community or simply peoples' pre-judgements on others. In this section I am going to focus on what the Church has to say about prejudice and discrimination and what Christianity teaches about how people should be treated. A prejudice to someone, or being prejudice to a group of people, means that you have pre-judged them, you have formed an opinion of them without knowing all of the facts available, you have formed this opinion on what you have seen or heard, not necessarily the truth. ...read more.


You must really decide who you are by the amount of faith God has given you. Romans 12:3. This means, do not let the opinion you have of yourself get any higher than the opinions you have of others. Remember God is greater than you, and if your opinion of yourself gets higher than the opinion of others you are likening yourself to God. God is the only thing that is higher than you or any other human being. Section B Teachings of Christianity - How followers may put them into practice. There are some very extreme cases of racism in the Church. In South Africa there is a Church that is white dominated, called 'The Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa' (DRC). This Church argued that God had deliberately separated the People of the world into different races, and that white people were meant to be superior to black people. The DRC argued that verses such as Galatians 3:28 "There is no difference between Jews and Gentiles, between slaves and free people, between Men and Women, you are all one in union with Christ", meant that people are spiritually not physically equal. The DRC believed that the racist apartheid laws in South Africa were God's will. They argued that races could be kept separate. White people should have better opportunities than black people. That mixed marriages and relationships should not be encouraged so that the different races stayed 'pure'. The DRC used the Bible to support its views. It presented God as 'the great divider'. They used the creation story told in Genesis where God divides everything up into different categories and likened it to whites being divided from blacks and it is meant to be that way. ...read more.


We should have the same amount of dignity and respect for everyone, and they to you. If the world were divided up so that everyone had 'the same' then I would say that, that would be pretty pointless, but if your respect were divided up between everyone equally then that would not sound ridiculous. We should not be treated the same with material things, because each person has different needs but with spiritual things such as love, compassion and respect to name a few, should be dealt with equally around the world. Christianity does not talk about material things when it talks about giving things out equally to everyone. The Bible talks about love and respect. One of the most famous scriptures is from the ten commandments 'Love your neighbour as yourself' This means we should all have respect for one another as you do for yourself, because we are all neighbours on this earth. The Bible teaches that you should respect yourself, because you are a child of the most high God. Some people may say that they don't know half the people in the world, so why do they need to respect them? As long as I respect the people I know, it won't be a problem. I would say that you meet new people all the time, and if you didn't respect them you would never make any friends. The Bible says, if you respect yourself more than someone else then you think of yourself than higher than them and that is wrong, because you are likening yourself to God and no one is as high as God (Romans 12:1-4). ...read more.

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