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The Teachings of the Apostles Creed

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The Teachings of the Apostles Creed The Holy Spirit Christians believe that the Holy Spirit cannot be seen, but can be felt by believers. They believe that it is a main factor of the church. Some say that it is felt by believers when inside the church. People get a lot of comfort from this belief as it makes them feel as though they are never alone, and always are together with other people via the Holy Spirit. ...read more.


This is in my view the only teaching of the apostle's creed that improves the state of this world. As Christians are so God abiding they feel as though it is their duty to protect the world for God. Christians think that altering gods world is bad, as as God made the world, he would prefer that it stayed how it was, so are against GM food etc. This idea is slightly contradictory as if a human needs to be fed, then GM food may be the only viable way to provide him with nourishment. ...read more.


The Church Christians believe that the Church is the home of God, and believe that when there they are in the presence of god. There are many sections of the Christian church, but all of them give much comfort to many people. The benefits for a Christian attending church are not only spiritual, but it also helps them to make many new friends. When within the church, people feel protected and often pray to release emotions etc. The church of course is more than a building, it is a whole cimmunity, ?? ?? ?? ?? Henry Morgan - Stewart DPD - P.S.R.E ...read more.

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