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The Teleological Argument - Examine the Design Argument for the existence of God.

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The Teleological Argument A: Examine the Design Argument for the existence of God. (10) The teleological argument argues that the sense of purposeful design we see in nature suggests that the world has a designer (God). The world cannot be here by chance. Many philosophers have come to the conclusion that God exists by studying the natural world. The teleological argument is related to Aquinas's Fifth Way. He used the idea of purpose which links in with causation. Causation gives things their perfections. Aquinas stated 'Something therefore causes in all other things their being, their goodness, and whatever other perfections they have. ...read more.


At the time of William Paley (1802) there were many scientific discoveries which point to a designer/God. William Paley used the example of the watch. He argued that if someone walking across a heath were to come across a watch and then examine it. You would come to the conclusion that the watch must have a watchmaker because the watch is very intricate and everything works together. You look at the effect (the watch) and determine what caused it (the Watchmaker). You would not know the watch's purpose but you would still come to the conclusion that is does have a purpose. ...read more.


A minute change in construction of the cosmos would mean life would not have been created. There is a chain of design. The designer is God. F.R Tennant used the theory of evolution to show there is design in the world. There has to be a divine designer, the world shows that the progress of evolution takes us towards the emergence of intelligent life. The world is rational. The Aesthetic Argument states that human beings appreciate the world. Music, art and literature are all part of our world yet we do not need them to survive. These things could not have come from natural selection just by chance. Therefore there is evidence for a divine creator. ...read more.

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