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The Trials and Death ofJesus

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The Trials and Death of Jesus Jesus and his disciples were in Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Passover. The Passover was an annual festival celebrating the Exodus or escape from Egypt. The first Passover was in 1250 BCE (Before Common Era). The Jewish leaders wanted to arrest Jesus but were afraid of a riot with the crowds around if they did. They were afraid of Jesus and jealous of his popularity with the people. Jesus condemned them for leading the people badly and they thought some of the things he said were blasphemy. Blasphemy is claiming the power of God. Judas Iscariot offered to give them a time and a place were they could arrest Jesus quietly. The Jewish leaders offered him thirty pieces of silver as a payment. Judas was one of the twelve closest followers of Jesus. On Thursday night Jesus had a meal with the disciples. ...read more.


Jesus was dragged to the high priest's house, it was late at night and many of the Jewish leaders were there. It was not a fair trial because they were not supposed to meet at night and there were not enough of them there to make decisions. The Jewish leaders tried to get false witnesses against Jesus, but the witnesses did not agree with what was said. In Jewish laws if two witnesses agree against you then you are condemned. Finally the high priest asked Jesus if he was the Christ. When Jesus denied this, the high priest tore his robes and said he was guilty of blasphemy and must die. The high priest was not supposed to tear his clothes. He was so angry that he broke the law. He was supposed to be calm and seeking justice but this was not the case. ...read more.


Many may not have been in the city at the time as Jesus lived in Galilee in the North. Jesus was put to death along with two criminals. The chief priests and other people mocked Jesus as he was on the cross and called on him to come down from the cross and prove himself. Jesus said the famous words, 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do.' Crucifixion was very painful and cruel. Christians believe Jesus was not guilty of any crime but died for our sins. The Jews hated him and mocked him because they felt he has claimed God-like powers. This was known as blasphemy. Christians also believe that Jesus did not have a fair trial and had done nothing we would call worthy of death. The death of Jesus could be used as an argument against capital punishment, like many others he was put to death unfairly. The Jews and Romans were afraid he would cause trouble and found an easy solution. ?? ?? ?? ?? Section A Natalie Bowen ...read more.

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