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The two Christian Festivals which I am going to discuss are Lent and Easter, in respect to the life of Jesus, and what they mean today.

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Choose Two Christian Festivals and Explain:- 1) How Each is linked with the Life of Jesus. How they are celebrated by Christians of two Denominations. What each Festival means for Christians Today. 2) "Many Christian Festivals have lost their Religious meaning". Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and show that you have considered more than one point of view. 1) The two Christian Festivals which I am going to do are Lent and Easter. Advent Is a very special time for Christians it is the coming of Jesus the son of God, this story is a very well known tale throughout the Christian belief, it tells of how Jesus' existence came about, it tells of how Mary( Jesus' Mother), had to conceive Jesus as she had been placed with the responsibility by God in the Birth of Jesus. The Church of England denomination strongly believes the original story of the coming of Jesus'(advent), they believe that Jesus was conceived in Bethlehem after a long trail by Mary. They believe that Advent is the coming of Jesus, the process up to his birth, and so do the Methodists, they also believe in the story of the coming of Jesus, they both believe this is a special time as it's the beginning of a new Age a better age where all can live and how one man brought such greatness in to the World because of his birth. Both denominations Church of England and Methodist believe that Easter was the Death of Jesus, and how he gave his life so all men who walked this land would be free and forgiven in the eye's of God, the almighty figure. ...read more.


to represent John the Baptist, who was one of Jesus' distant cousins, he lead the way for Jesus telling of his coming and of how he will be the worlds savior, the third is for Mary (this name was very common at the time), and the forth candle is for the people, us, Christians. They hold mass Christmas Eve which ends at midnight and the beginning of Christmas Day. As I've already mentioned Methodist like to have fun more entertaining services that keep people entertained but at the same time tell people of the Death of Jesus Christ. On Good Friday instead of there normal singing and him they unfortunately sing very little and the him/songs they do sing are very solemn to reflect the death of Jesus, but once again, with the true spirit of the Methodists on Easter Sunday the Joy comes back into the ceremonies with songs of Joy and happiness and the fun begins again. To promote Easter and celebrations they provide the younger Generation with small wooden crosses made out of palm which is given to them 2weeks before Easter on palm Sunday and some bring these to the Easter celebrations, so bringing Jesus' glorious entrance into his re-birth, this attracts people of all different generations to take part in the celebrations. Advent starts four Sundays before Christmas, this is the leading up to the birth of Jesus, over the years peoples opinions have changed on what Advent is all about. ...read more.


remember the past but are more intent with looking into the future at what is to come, and consequently in my eye's the true meaning of many festivals have seem to have been forgotten through history. I suppose that Christmas and Easter have become more commercialized over the past years, this has been because shops advertise there products to try and force people to buy gifts and Easter eggs, they do this to make a profit that is for certain but then again at the same time there trying to promote the fact that these are very important parts of out History and we should celebrate them as much as possible, even if it means delving into our own pockets for gifts for others. But then Christmas and Easter is the times in the year where more people go to Church, they do this for the fact that they still believe in the Christian beliefs which have been held in our history and our lives ever since the time the church was formed. So yes Festivals have lost their religious meanings to some respect as they have become over commercialized and business men are just out to make a profit, but still the real meanings and beliefs behind the festivals are still there as people continue to prove this by attending church at these times and by committing themselves to help others more, that's what Festivals are all about and many still stick by this belief and consequently Festivals will never lose there religious meaning even though occasionally they can be forgotten by some. ...read more.

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