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The Ultimate Crime, Poverty

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Karen Kwan EWRT 2 Essay #3 MAJOR BARBARA The Ultimate Crime, Poverty Money, money, money - nearly everything in this world is always involved with money in some ways. Growing up in a family that runs a multinational business helped me understand Shaw's ideals. In "Major Barbara", Shaw looked at socialism more as a business proposition. Shaw voices his beliefs through the character Undershaft. He asserted the theory "poverty is the worst of crimes." to his economic socialist feeling about money and power. Undershaft's principles of money and power could be a better weapon against poverty. The extremist ideas of Andrew Undershaft, the ideas of his aristocratic relatives, represent the ideals of society. Undershaft's devilish power and wit make the outcome inevitable, and at the end everyone recognizes the fusion of money with morality. ...read more.


Indeed, for Undershaft, order and cleanliness are categorical imperatives of sorts and they justify themselves. Simply put, the institution of order and cleanliness easily means the elimination of the disorderly and unclean. All that includes a separate town built just for the worker. There they are supplied with everything they need. Undershaft never bosses people around. He merely points out that something needs to be done, and it is done. Shaw suggests that living in a life like this, humans could perform better and less crime and evil would happen in a society. Undershaft had mentioned that there are two things necessary to salvation, "money and gunpowder (87)." For Undershaft, the world is not in God's power but in the power of the military industrialist. With money and gunpowder, one will truly reigns over Europe, and can determines the course of society. ...read more.


Only fools fear crime: we all fear poverty (137)." Here Undershaft declares that the worst crime among men is not murder, but the "crime of poverty." This crime is hardly victimless and it is committed against society itself. Moreover, the poor are the perpetrators, they kill society's happiness, forcing us to eliminate our liberties and organize unnatural cruelties to keep them in check. Undershaft asserts that poverty is the greatest evil and crime. The world is not in God's power but in the power of the military industrialist. Poverty is the main source of sickness, crime, and incompetence. Having economic security is the principal pretense of society; it cannot exist when the danger of poverty hangs over everyone's head. Therefore, money and gunpowder is what determines the course of society. ...read more.

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