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The views on abortion differ with the two main forms of Christianity, Catholicism and Protestantism. Catholicism strongly discourages abortion saying bluntly that it is never allowed under any circumstances, even if the pregnancy is because

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Christianity Section A Abortion is the act of surgically removing an unwanted baby from the mother's womb before birth. The act of abortion is generally associated with the mother's desire to not have the baby for any particular reason at that precise time and therefore wishes for it to be terminated. Abortion is a very controversial issue within public society. Natural abortion is called a miscarriage, this is when the foetus is pronounced dead of natural causes. A miscarriage is a very traumatic experience for the couple involved. Reasoning behind abortion varies from person to person. The most common reason is a mother not wanting to keep her child because of an unplanned pregnancy or that the family are not financially secure. Other common reasons include not being able to give the child a good life, and pregnancy as a result of rape, the latter is because the baby would remind the victim of her terrifying ordeal. Abortion is only authorised when two or more doctors agree that an abortion is acceptable. The views on abortion differ with the two main forms of Christianity, Catholicism and Protestantism. Catholicism strongly discourages abortion saying bluntly that it is never allowed under any circumstances, even if the pregnancy is because of rape, or the woman involved is very young. ...read more.


Another way was if a close friend was having to make a decision regarding abortion, and was in doubt about whether to have an abortion or not. The abortion supporters would try to comfort and support the mother in her dilemma and possibly try to influence her into having an abortion if it was necessary, by promoting her understanding about the subject. On the other hand, if someone was totally against the idea of abortion under any circumstances, she would also maybe join a group which campaigns to make abortions illegal in this country, as they once used to be. One of these groups which campaigns against abortion by using leaflets to convey a message to the public that abortion is wrong under all circumstances, is SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) The society sends its message about abortion through normal advertising and through alarming statistics like, In the year ending 2001 there were 186,274 legal abortions carried out. These alarming statistics make people think. Societies are a very common way in which women show their beliefs about abortion. Another common way is being a Roman Catholic. Catholicism is totally against abortion under any circumstances, unless the mother's life is seriously at risk. ...read more.


The only situation under which abortion is justified is when the mother's life is at risk, as a human life takes slight preference over a potential life and death is as bad as abortion. Christians who disagree with the statement posed, claim that the mother of the baby is the one who is carrying the baby and that therefore it is totally her decision whether she decides to keep it or not. She is not obliged to do anything, as it is her baby, and she is the one who will have to carry the baby and look after it, and if she feels that she is not up to this she can dispose of it at will. Many Christians also believe that a foetus is not a human life therefore its feelings do not have any significance and it can be killed or terminated because it is nothing at the moment. They defend women who have been raped and say that if she wants an abortion she can if it helps her forget about her rape. This is labelling a foetus as insignificant and unimportant and placing too great a value on the mother's welfare, which according to Many Christians, and maybe the Bible, is wrong. In conclusion I still believe in the truth of the statement posed in most circumstances. Many Christians share my view, some do not. By Kashif Hussain 11H ...read more.

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