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The way that Christians celebrate event of Jesus' live during Holy Week

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Chris Perry The way that Christians celebrate event of Jesus' live during Holy Week Palm Sunday was the day when Jesus proposed that two of his disciples to go and untie a colt that they saw, and if anyone saw them they had to say to them: 'The master needs it and will bring it back at once.' They then proceeded to give it to Jesus. Jesus then got onto a donkey. He rode on its back until he reached Jerusalem. ...read more.


People gather outside first before going into the church and we read "entry to Jerusalem" before going in. to make the mass more enjoyable plays are acted out from the time of the Last Supper to Jesus' burial. The priests wear a red cloak to represent blood that symbolises Jesus' death, so people go to mass to mark respect. Maundy Thursday was the day when Jesus instructed his disciples to go into the city. He told them a man will be carrying a jar of water and he will go into o a house. ...read more.


At the mass no gospel is read but they account of the lords supper from St Paul. Good Friday is when Jesus was crucifies, after being taunted, spat on and whipped as well as being nailed to the cross. Jesus also had an unfair trial and was held in prison and another prisoner 'Barrabas' should have been killed instead of Jesus. Good Friday, Friday immediately proceeding Easter is celebrated by Christians as the anniversary of the crucifixion of Christ. Since the time of the early church the day is dedicated to, penance, fasting and prayer, we also use Good Friday as a legal holiday and we can go to the longer mass. ...read more.

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