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"The whole purpose of Christian festivals is for people to enjoy themselves"

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"The whole purpose of Christian festivals is for people to enjoy themselves" I am undecided about this statement because every Christian festival is different in terms of how it is celebrated. An example of this is the Christian celebration of Easter. Many people associate Easter only with the giving or receiving of Easter eggs and a public holiday. ...read more.


Therefore Christian festivals are just another chance for a holiday or to spend time with their families. This seems to be the case with Christmas. Christmas is really supposed to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. However, this has been forgotten and instead replaced with myths like Santa Claus and reindeers. Christmas parties are held and presents are distributed. ...read more.


All who take part have to drink wine (the symbol of Jesus' blood) and eat bread (to symbolise Jesus' flesh). Such a festival contradicts the statement "The whole purpose of Christian festivals is for people to enjoy themselves". In conclusion, I think that the above statement only applies to individuals who have no intent on enforcing the true meaning of Christian festivals, and are only looking for fun. We therefore have the choice of whether we celebrate festivals just for the enjoyment or for the true meaning. ...read more.

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