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GCSE: Capital Punishment

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  1. My View Of Authority

    Moreover, some laws are just plain wrong and are made to be broken - such as, when upholding a law overrides basic human values, then in this certain situation you may be justified to break the law. This was exposed by a recent tragic case which gripped the nation - young boy drowned in the presence of two community officers, who stood helplessly watching him flounder as it was outside the bounds of their police duty and their training to rescue him; instead they just called the regular officers who were trained rather that jumping in (breaking the law)

    • Word count: 1754
  2. Should Capital Punishment be completely abolished?

    In Britain between 1900 and the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, the situation was carefully analysed. The results showed that while the Death Penalty was a strong deterrent to premeditated murder, it was a very weak deterrent to domestic murders (crimes of passion) As Capital Punishment only acts as a deterrent, when the crime is planned, and the majority of murders are crimes of passion. This goes some way in proving that Capital Punishment is not an effective deterrent against murder.

    • Word count: 1079
  3. Capital punishment

    When European settlers came to the new world, they brought the practice of capital punishment. In many parts of the world capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, has been completely abolished in most countries. Although some countries still have it, for example in America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Egypt and a few more. From many people's point of view capital punishment should be abolished completely and that is why there are so many arguments against it and because of protests in America, China, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden they have abolished the death penalty completely.

    • Word count: 1105
  4. Compare and contrast the themes of death in Everyman and Morality Play

    The conflict between good and evil is dramatized by the interactions between characters. The play shows us not only how every man should meet death but also how every man should live. From this we see already the religious concepts that the play is trying to instil on the audience. The play is structured in one act. However this act is structured in two parts. The first part of the act is when "Everyman" learns that death has come for him and he seeks help from his material possessions. "Shall I have no company fro this vale terrestrial".

    • Word count: 1601

    The parliament suspended this form of punishment for five years in 1965; it was then abolished completely in 1969. There have been at least thirteen attempts to bring back the death penalty, but all have failed. Capital punishment is still carried out in thirty-eight of the fifty states in the United States of America. They carry out this punishment to show people that murder is wrong. It was reinstated in 1976 after a three-year suspension. Mostly induced by lethal injection but electrocution, gas chambers, hanging and the firing squad have been used in the past. Some states allow some death row inmates to choose the method by which they will be executed.

    • Word count: 1197
  6. "The Love;y Bones"

    In the weeks that follow her death, Susie watches Earth and how it continues without her -her school friends swapping stories about her disappearance, her family holding out hope that she'll be found, her killer trying to cover his tracks. As months pass without leads, Susie sees her parents' marriage being ruined by loss, her sister hardening herself in an attempt to cope, and her younger brother attempting to understand the meaning of the word gone. The Lovely Bones unfolds from heaven, where "life is a perpetual yesterday" and where Susie can see her family and friends coping with her

    • Word count: 1047
  7. I have come to the conclusion that executions solve nothing, Albert Pierrepoint, former executioner. What are your views on capital punishment?

    Shouldn't the terrible man be dead, should it even be considered to let him live? Sarah might never be able to trust a man again, but he is going to be free to rape another young girl in couple of years! There are a lot of different views on capital punishment and I will be looking at some of them. Is capital punishment the answer? Statistics show that On 28 November 2003 the prison population in England and Wales stood at 74,182. In the last two years the prison population has increased by nearly 6,000. And it is still increasing.

    • Word count: 1085
  8. Self Harm discursive essay

    Self-injury can take the form of burning, scratching, cutting, biting, scalding, poisoning and ripping hair out. Although very damaging and distressing eating disorders, unsafe sex and alcohol and drug abuse are not officially counted as self-harm. So now that you know what it is, how do you feel about it? For many of you the notion of deliberately cauising pain to yourself and putting yourself in serious danger is baffling. However for others it may make more sense. Krysten, who has been diagnosed with depression said, "I remember starting out small, wanting to see how much I could take" Tanya, who is fifteen, said her friends did it and thought it must do something for them so once when she "felt down" she tried it.

    • Word count: 1195
  9. Free essay

    Death Row Evaluation- Portfolio work

    The next stimulus we were shown was an extract from a book called "The Outsider". This extract highlighted the bare casualness of killing someone on a daily basis. This is backed up by what it says in the extract that the machine is "very well looked after" in a way that is respected by the people who are killing the criminals and it shouldn't be at all because it is destroying peoples lives and is totally inhumane. The penultimate drama text which we studied was an article from the daily mirror with a list of all the people w ho

    • Word count: 1334
  10. "Explain how the beliefs you have outlined mitght be used by a Christian concerned about the issue of capital punishment

    Christians who are for capital punishment quote in the Old Testament 'an eye for eye, a tooth for tooth', which is also called the principle of revenge, or fair and equal justice. This suggests that the Bible is saying that if a person commits a crime such as murder, then the criminal should be treated with the same crime. This shows that the Bible says, that if a person is guilty of murder then the criminal himself should be murdered, which shows that the Old Testament is supporting capital punishment.

    • Word count: 1072
  11. How might the death penalty prevent crime?

    Ron Sievert, assistant district attorney in Grayson County, Texas, equates capital punishment as "A means of social control based on fear ( )." The Death Penalty is considered to be the final judgment in the justice system. It is seen as the severest of punishments because it takes away a life of human being. Death penalty serves as a way to warn society that some actions will not be tolerated and just consequences will be incorporated within the law. Fear of one's own death certainly has an deterring effect on would-be criminals.

    • Word count: 1525
  12. Capital Punishment Vs Right to Life

    Christians became more aware of the negative effect that it was having in society. The death penalty was incompatible to the teaching of Jesus about forgiveness and compassion and also to God's Law of Moses, sixth commandment, "Thou shall not kill" (Exodus 21:13)2. This principle changed the Christian faith and contributed to their belief of how God is the only one who should create and destroy life. The right to life is one of the moral issues that Christians take into consideration when they examine and argue against the death penalty.

    • Word count: 1918
  13. Capital Punishment: An injustice or a necessity?

    Most anti-death penalty organisations, like Amnesty International, base their stance on human rights arguments. Many people believe that capital punishment makes criminals think twice leading to a safer society. The use of capital punishment means that some dreadful criminals will never again get out and repeat these crimes and in prisons the staff might also feel safer with the existence of the death penalty. It is not unusual for there to be conflicts, violent behaviour and murder in prison. Some criminals who have been sentenced to long prison terms or life would probably have refrained from cruel acts of violence and murder if they knew that it could lead to the death penalty.

    • Word count: 1676
  14. Capital Punishment debate

    the most fragile members of civilization, are subject to harsh punishments, instead of help, this despite the disapproval of liberal people across the world. The U.S.A., Korea and Japan are the only three fully developed and democratic countries that retain Capital Punishment, despite much pressure from other nations which have abolished capital punishment, namely those in Europe. It is strange that the U.S., a country which claims to be a beacon for justice and equality, a country which lobbies other less 'wholesome' nations to try to emulate it in terms of justice and law enforcement, still continues with the death penalty.

    • Word count: 1586
  15. A very important issue in Death of a Salesman that is examined is where, if anywhere, is happiness to be found

    He was deemed a coward by his own family as a result. His excuse was that he was only trying to give his son Biff one last chance at a happy life by defrauding the insurance company. You may be thinking why, exactly is Willy Lohman's death so important to the question of "where is happiness to be found?" Unfortunately, Willy Lohman's life was not exactly filled with an abundance of joy and happiness to say the least. He had been dissatisfied with himself his entire life, and even in his old age he was still finding ways to be not only act as a bad husband, but a less then spectacular father to his two boys.

    • Word count: 1415
  16. Capital punishment

    It is when several marksmen shoot the convict right in the heart. The gas chamber is when cyanide is dropped into acid producing hydrogen cyanide an intensively dangerous gas. Guillotine is a famous French invention also a form of capital punishment. Finally stoning is at the last of the list. It is when the convicted is stood and all the people are throwing stones at him or her. It occurs in mainly Muslim countries. The death penalty has existed for centuries for crimes like treason and theft. Until 1808 execution was a form of entertainment, until reforms were introduced to the English parliament to banish the death penalty for more than 200 crimes.

    • Word count: 1321

    From this method, death comes quickly to the criminal. Another form of the death penalty is the electric chair. It is when a person is made to sit on a chair and a high voltage electric current is passed through their body. Eventually, the current reaches the brain, and as a result of this, the criminal dies. The guillotine is another example of the death penalty. Firstly, the offenders head is put onto a holder, which holds their neck in place.

    • Word count: 1898
  18. Swing Rioters and the Luddites 1)The Swing rioters were a bunch of farmers in 1830 that were scared of losing their jobs

    No one really knows whether Sir Captain Swing is actually real or not. The laboures only really used him in their threat letters to get the farmers scared. All the farmers hated Captain Swing as they had no one else to blame that was the only name that was signed at the bottom of the lrtters to keep them anonymous. Th goverment acted very strongly against the rioters and took a firm stand 19 laboures were executed, 481 were transported to Austrailier band 644 were sent to prison. Out of all those punishments the transportation was known as the worst as the boat trip was awful.

    • Word count: 1015
  19. Capital Punishment

    We cannot just kill everyone we don't like or disagree with. There needs to be a resolution. On Thursday 18th December 1969 the death penalty was abolished in the UK. This I believe was a great decision on behalf of the UK. Why should we change things now? The current situation in the UK is satisfactory. Murders and other violent crimes will always be commited. Can you name me one place there is not? Many overreact as soon as a murder is committed.

    • Word count: 1056
  20. Comparative legal systems

    During the journey Simmons and Moore picked up another hitchhiker Dennis Weaver, who they dropped off in Atlanta, where the remaining four men took a rest stop on the highway. The next morning the bodies of Simmons and Moore were discovered in a nearby ditch. Medical evidence states that Simmons died from a bullet wound in the eye and Moore died from bullet wounds in the cheek and the back of the head, both men also had several bruises and cuts on their faces and heads which were supposedly sustained from the fall into the ditch or from being dragged or pushed along the embankment.

    • Word count: 1278
  21. According to Colin Cunningham in Unit 6, the form and function of a building "are inextricably linked" (Block 2, pg 50). Consider three ways in which this was so for the Colosseum. The Colosseum in Rome was built in around 80CE

    There were a total of 76 numbered entrances leading inside. Each entrance led to a different level and seat. This provided easy and safe access. In addition, this allowed the people of different social standing to use a different entrance. The entrances leading to the upper levels where we find the commoners' seats were simple and undecorated. However, the entrance used by the emperor and his entourage was elaborately decorated with marble panelling. This elaborate system provided safety to the emperor and the people of a higher social order in case of riots and disorder. As important as the spectators were the participants of the games.

    • Word count: 1331
  22. Should Capital Punishment Be Reintroduced In Britain

    They were convicted of the murder of John Alan West, a milkman, while robbing him in his house on 7 April 1964. I am against the death penalty as it poses many moral and controversial issues. The most important reason for me is that it is inevitable that people could be wrongly convicted and then executed, without a fair chance to prove their innocence. After which there will be no possible way that these people or their relatives could be compensated for the miscarriage of justice.

    • Word count: 1200
  23. Capital Punishment should not be allowed Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls and for those of you who don't know me

    The most considerable is that sometimes the innocent can be executed mistakenly. Another one is that it costs a lot to execute offenders. It destroys the chance of rehabilitate. Last but not least is that statistics of previous years prove that death penalty sentence shows racial discrimination, and hiring better lawyers reduces the risk of death penalty. Most people around the world think that death penalty sentence is fair and effective but they do not think that the risk of executing innocent ones is too high. Capital punishment does have its positive sides but negative sides seem to go unnoticed.

    • Word count: 1303
  24. Capital punishment is a legal infliction of death penalty and since ancient times it has bee used to punish a large variety of offences. Criminals convicted of murder

    Although the United Kingdom signed the convention on human rights to abolish death penalty in 1983, other countries around the world still practice death penalty. Abolition of death penalty, is a condition of membership in the European union and as an organisation, vigorously opposes the death penalty worldwide. Never less the abolition of the death penalty in most Eu countries has brought a lot of arguments. The absence of capital punishment in the United Kingdom has marked a civilised society, other people might argue.

    • Word count: 1221
  25. Decide whether the rules of causation are now weighted too far against the interests of the defendant.

    It has been determined that an event of this kind needs to be something completely unforeseeable. It's not thought unforeseeable that the police might return the fire of a gunman. In the case of Pagett 1983: The accused was being pursued by the police and had forcibly taken his pregnant girlfriend captive after injuring her mother and stepfather. He later came out of one the flats, using his girlfriend as a shield. He then fired his shot gun at 2 officers. The policeman fired back and the girl was hit by 3 bullets and killed. The defendant was found guilty of her manslaughter but appealed against this, arguing that the judge had misdirected the jury by stating that he had been the cause of the victim's death, not the police officers that fired the bullets.

    • Word count: 1206

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  • Compare the short stories Vendetta and School teachers quest

    "In conclusion revenge is represented by both mothers showing love. In Vendetta the mother is old and frail. This does not stop her. She promised him the Vendetta. This is her determination to seek revenge for her son. The mother was devastated with the death off her only son. She was determined to seek revenge. My over all opinion on the too stories are that I prefer Vendetta better than the School Teachers Guest My reason for this is that I like how the old widow thinks and plans the death of the man. Also how she trains the dog to become the killer, so there for if any one did find out she could blame the death of the man onto the dog 'Semillante'."

  • Although written in the 1950s Ray Bradbury presents an image of the 21st century in his short story 'The Murderer'? - To what extent do I agree with the above statement?

    "I find it very strange that Mr Brock likes any form of music. Earlier on in the passage he kicked the radio to death and he has probably destroyed many Hi-Fi's in his time. Everything taken into consideration, I do not agree to a great extent that Ray Bradbury is presenting a view of the 21st century in his short story, 'The Murderer'. The majority of people in the 21st century today are happy with modern technological items. Anywhere you go, you're bound to see people with mobile phones. A very high amount of people own a computer and virtually everyone owns a TV. It is hard to believe that anyone in this day and age would go around kicking radios to death, shove a telephone into a sink or shoot the television set. Mr Brock is a person who definitely likes living in the past, and although some people don't like or own televisions and telephones, they would not go out of their way to destroy them. For these reasons I do not believe Ray Bradbury presents an accurate image of the 21st century."

  • Discuss the Arguments For and Against the Reintroduction of the Death Penalty For Murder

    "In conclusion we see that the arguments for and against capital punishment are both very strong and depending on one's situation, circumstances and beliefs the ultimate decision to support or oppose the death penalty is that of the individual. The likelihood of Britain ever reintroducing the death penalty for murder is minimal. Politically it would be extremely hard given British commitment to human rights and our membership of the EC, which itself is highly opposed to capital punishment and contains no member states that still retain the death penalty as its highest form of punishment (www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6142/thoughts.html). 1"

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