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GCSE: Charities, Poverty and Development

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  1. Why are some parts of China so rich while other parts are so poor?

    While parts of China are poor and starving, large cities are advancing from the economic revolution, making money and offering more jobs and work for thousands of people. Shanghai is one of these cities, offering jobs for more than 600,000 workers. People living in these parts of China are living in modern cities that are rapidly increasing in wealth; there is a continually growing economic gulf between these growth areas and their poorer counterparts where there is no economic support but only economic exploitation.

    • Word count: 2619
  2. The Relation Between Consumerism and Poverty

    As it is put, 'the culture of poverty', is an unavoidable trap for most people. They are resigned to their place in society and take on their own set of living standards which do not live up to the needed amount of nutrition for their diet, means that their living conditions are often unpleasant and they do not have access to the facilities and services that many citizens who are not poor can have. A straightforward definition for relative poverty given by Ravallion, a World Bank economist " 'Poverty' can be said to exist in a given society when one or more persons do not attain a level of material well-being deemed to constitute a

    • Word count: 2533
  3. Outline the Christian teaching and the teaching of one other religion on wealth and poverty.

    This would encourage Christians to believe in the statement as it tells how it is wrong to have more than enough of the necessities whilst others do not have the basics. However, the bible also teaches that to have wealth is not a sin, as long as it is used for good. e.g. to donate some of it to the poor. In Islam, Muslims believe that it is wrong to have too much whilst others do not have much. Islam teaches that wealth is something given by god for the benefit of humanity and therefore should be shared.

    • Word count: 2081
  4. Christians, Wealth and Poverty

    For example, in The Good Samaritan, a man is robbed and beaten by bandits and left on the side of the road. A Priest and a Levite walk past, ignoring him. This shows how many people ignore their faith to keep their lives simpler and to simply not get involved. It also shows the hypocrisy of the two men of faith, they ignored what they were taught and teached. However, a poor Samaritan saw the man and took pity on him, taking him to an Inn and ensuring he was well looked after.

    • Word count: 2140
  5. Wealth and Poverty in Islam

    One of the rights Allah has given all humans is the right to get all basic needs (e.g. food, clothes etc.) from the money of the rich. Islam requires the fulfilment of all basic needs for every human being in the society, irrespectable of their religion, culture or level in community. Allah (SWT) says: "And if you (man) count the blessings and provisions Allah has bestowed upon you will fail to count them all" This Ayah clarifies that all blessings and provisions you may own or receive, they are but from Allah and they are too many to count.

    • Word count: 2394
  6. Poverty in Islam

    Some poor people work very hard, but are not paid sufficiently by their employers. There are other poor people who just sit on the streets and beg without making an effort to support themselves the wealth of a person also depends of the country they live in, if the person lived in a rich developed country they would be richer then the ones living and working in a developing country.

    • Word count: 2664
  7. Religion, Poverty and Wealth.

    that is almost impossible to get out of. Their poverty leads to disease which leads to death. As children are likely to die people have more children to help on land and to find food, but there is usually a poor harvest due to floods, drought, or famine. The countries of the north offer help but it has to be paid back so any food that is able to be grown has to be sold leaving people of the country starving and dieing. The concept of North and South was termed in the 1980s by "North-South: A programme for Survival", also known as the Brandt Report.

    • Word count: 2033
  8. Zakah - Islamic giving.

    There are many ways in which the quran deals with economy. Some of the economic ways to deal with giving Zakah, having wealth and living in poverty are be wealthy but give being wealthy is a part of greed if some one does not give Zakah. Those people who are living in poverty starve so the wealthier people should give a bit of their own wealth too that in need of it. If some one wishes not to keep a pair of clothes then they should give it in a charity bag so those who do not have any clothes can also wear clothes.

    • Word count: 2219
  9. The distribution of wealth and resources in the world is unequal.

    This is a tremendous amount of money concentrated among a minute percentage of the world's population. We would have to consider this as extreme inequality. Bill Gates the present owner of the Microsoft Coporation is the richest non-royal person in the world with assests estimated at $30 billion. If we took a number of developing countries and added up their present finances it would barely reach that figure. In the film industry collosal amounts of money are being payed to the actors and actresses. An example of this would be Arnold Swarzhenneger who pulled in approxiametly 74 million dollars for his role in the 'Terminator'.

    • Word count: 2315
  10. Wealth and Poverty.

    Muslims see wealth as being God given and a commodity to be shared. God commands sharing in the religious pillar of Zakah, it is not an option. Muslims pay Zakah annually of 2.5% of their savings and income above the level needed to keep their family. On the festival of Id ul'fit'r, a special Zakah is paid. Some Muslims also believe in giving to charity on their own accord - paying Sadaqah. Many Muslims help the poor by granting them interest free loans, as charging interest is banned in Islam. If the poor find it difficult to repay the loans, then Muslims are encouraged to give more time or to give the money as a gift.

    • Word count: 2910
  11. Wealth and poverty - Islamic teachings.

    That is why, when we go to hajj, everyone has to wear the same because that way, you cannot tell the difference between the rich and the poor. Allah never looks at how much wealth a person or a country has, He looks at how well each person or country uses their wealth, or how they spend their wealth. Only deeds are important to Allah, because only good deeds will get us into paradise. Therefore, whatever little we have spare, should be contributed to the poor.

    • Word count: 2006
  12. Wealth and Poverty.

    This quote cannot only be related to the world but to our own lives, if you are better of than others support those in need. The bible contains many different quotes that include teachings on wealth and poverty. Some parts of the bible can be interpreted fundamentally to mean if you are rich it is impossible to get to Heaven. Other parts suggest that if you have more than you need give it away to those who need it. The following quotes reflect the different ideas that have been put across.

    • Word count: 2194
  13. Inequality is the main reason for the persistence of poverty - Discuss.

    As development progresses the benefits 'trickle down' and everyone becomes better off. Thus this indicates that if inequality persistent then so poverty is persistent. There has however been much research on this and there are reasons to be sceptical of the relationship. Inequality affects development through savings and investment, through pressure for redistribution and through the composition of demand. Thus if inequality restricts development and development helps to alleviate poverty than again the conclusion is that inequality leads to poverty. However this is not a complete explanation because it does not account for persistence of inequality and poverty in many less developed countries.

    • Word count: 2420
  14. Religion, Wealth & Poverty.

    Islam teaches that wealth is something given by Allah for the assistance of the humanity and, therefore, is given to be shared. In Islam there are five pillars, out of which there is one where the Muslim has to pay something from his property to help the poor. This is not optional in Islam but is a command from Allah which means that the Muslim has to do the act. This pillar of Islam is called Zakah. In Arabic, Zakah means purification and many believe this name was given because of the purity it emits over the wealth which is left when the Zakah has been given.

    • Word count: 2084
  15. Outline Christian and Jewish teachings on wealth and poverty.

    This quotation implies that fellow Christians should share their money and to be generous and in turn they will enjoy the benefits. Christianity also teaches where money should fit in with your life. 1 John 3:18 teach that money should not be the most important thing in your life. The most important thing in your life should be to have love in your actions. "My little children let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth."

    • Word count: 2666
  16. Poverty is a Controversial Issue.

    Again for the second question, we wrote our opinions on paper and have a group discussion on the groups that suffered from poverty. The results of that question are shown in figure 2. The groups that suffer from poverty are the unemployed, single parents, less developed countries, the elderly, homeless, low-income groups and other groups, which include students, children and immigrants. Figure 2 show the percentage of each group suffering from poverty. By referring to figure 1, we know that the group results show unemployed people suffer from poverty the most.

    • Word count: 2657
  17. Poverty And Wealth.

    go to heaven, Christians believe they must share their wealth with the poor: "God blesses those who come to the aid of the poor and rebukes those who turn away from them... Love for the poor is incompatible with immoderate use of riches or their selfish use." CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH Islam teaches that wealth is something given by God for the benefit of humanity. But because it is given as a gift, people must share it with others.

    • Word count: 2278
  18. What does Christianity teach us about human responsibility towards the world?

    Jesus has love and compassion for the poor and condemns those who do nothing to help them. We are taught to do as Jesus did. This means that we should help those in need. The bible teaches us that we cannot have genuine love for God if we are ignoring people in need at the same time. (John 3:17) We are taught to help the poor so that they can continue to live among us .We must help them, not exploit them. (Leviticus 25) Christians believe that God will judge them on whether or not they helped the poor.

    • Word count: 2068
  19. The differences between rich and poor countries.

    > Since many of these countries have become independent they still haven't been treated very well. Natural resources, like iron ore, are still bought from them by richer countries which do not pay very much for them. Raw materials are generally quite cheap. They are then turned into something useful and sold back for a very high price. This means that the poor countries actually get poorer. > As well as the rich countries actually exploiting the poor ones they have international debt.

    • Word count: 2160
  20. Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for other people.

    It also shows that people are equal in the eyes of God and we shouldn't discriminate against others, like the man who had been mugged and the Samaritan, especially when it degrades them an us. Also the bible shows Great commandment where Jesus told us to love your neighbour as you love yourself. It is because of this that Christians have a duty to protect the dignity of suffering neighbours. If we are righteous God will separate us into the righteous and unrighteous.

    • Word count: 2736
  21. There are many different charities in the world, each of them do lots of different work. The work that they do is to help people.

    With many of the causes of poverty global in nature, members of Oxfam International believe they can achieve a greater impact in addressing issues of poverty by their collective efforts. To achieve the maximum impact on poverty, Oxfams link up their work on development programs, humanitarian response, lobbying for policy changes at national and at global level. Their popular campaigns and communications work is aimed at mobilizing public opinion for change. Cancer Research UK Registered charity number 1089464 Cancer Research UK was founded in 2002 after the merge between the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, and the Cancer Research Campaign.

    • Word count: 2121
  22. Hindus have had to live with poverty throughout their history so they have learnt to cope with it and have well defined attitudes towards it. Unlike most Christians, Hindus know what poverty is like on a day-to-day basis.

    It is the deepest desire in this life that shapes the life to come." Chandogya Upanishad III 14:1 "For the man who forsakes all desires and abandons all pride of possession and of self reaches the goal of peace supreme." Bhagavad-Gita 2:71 "But a man who is a slave of his passions, who works for selfish ends, who is greedy, violent and impure, and who is moved by pleasure and pain, is a man of impure rajas." Bhagavad-Gita 18:27 What This Means Hindus Should Think/Do... These quotations clearly show that Hindus must NOT be attached to wealth, as this will ensure that they are reborn.

    • Word count: 2750
  23. Outline the Christian Teaching and the teaching of one other religion on wealth and poverty.

    In the tenakh is states that Jews may only make money in a way that keeps the mitzvot. Jews are expected to give one tenth of their earnings to the poor. This is known as Tzedakah, this is often translated as meaning charity but in fact means correctness - by giving to the poor you are doing what is right and using money correctly and putting the poor back in their correct position. Several Jews follow the teachings of Maiminodes on giving charity, and that the best form of charity is one that makes sure the poor will not need any more charity.

    • Word count: 2007
  24. Explain why there is a need for World Development.

    Third World- The countries like, Bangladesh and other poor countries. These classifications are mainly based on twelve aspects: * Economic Growth * Increased use of resources * Modernisation * Technology * Political Freedom * Population Growth * Life Expectancy * Health * Education * Urbanisation * Income Distribution * Energy Consumption These are the entire basis, the countries in the world are judged on if they are rich or poor countries. However, recently it has been said that world poverty is a complex issue, and some countries which were regarded as poor countries are know richer than the West.

    • Word count: 2766
  25. Identify four causes of the increase in poverty and vagrancy in the Tudor period.

    Such servicemen by themselves were not such a large threat. However, they became a threat as many of them had been allowed to keep their weapons in lieu of pay. This was of concern as there were bands of poor and hungry ex-servicemen throughout the country who would more than likely rob you than ask for charity. Poverty and vagrancy also aroused concern, especially in towns and cities during the plague years of the 1590's as the fear of disease was associated with the poor and vagrants.

    • Word count: 2478

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