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GCSE: Euthanasia

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  1. The Legal Position On Euthanasia around the World.

    U.K Euthanasia is illegal in the U.K . Any person found assisting suicide is breaking the law. Between 2003 and 2006 Lord Joffe made four attempts to introduce bills to legalise euthanasia. , all were rejected by parliament. Dr Nigel Cox is the only doctor to be convicted of attempted euthanasia,he received a twelve month suspended sentence in 1992 In 1957 Judge Dvlin noted that causing death to a patient through the administration of a lethal drug that was administered solely to relieve pain where death is inevitable or a likely outcome is not considered murder. (Dr John Boden Adams)

    • Word count: 1110
  2. Euthanasia - Right or Wrong?

    They are also quick, so the drug is injected into the bloodstream. This drug is usually pentobarbital, however drugs are not the only method. Others include inhaling sevoflurane, injecting an intravenous injection (like pentobarbital) into the hearts cavities. Also in some cases the neck of the animal is snapped, to cause the paralysis of the whole body, leading to the instant death of the animal. But why would one have the animal put down? There are different reasons for this. One is if the animal is constantly getting worse, for example with cancer, and will certainly not get better, then it may be put down.

    • Word count: 1000
  3. The benefits of euthanasia to Christians

    The money could also go towards the patient's carers and help them support them, such as their pay, or their patient such as buying the patients certain things that could keep them entertained. The money could also go towards nurses pay, for their services to the charity with helping with the patients and or even the paper work. The money could also go towards training nurses to get more of them in the business and help other patients that want to die.

    • Word count: 1715
  4. Eastenders dealt with the issue of euthanasia in a past show where Dot is the permanent carer for Ethel who has lung cancer.

    Children also prefer watching soaps to sitting there and reading a teen magazine, which is a good thing in a way because soaps handle issues more responsibly and with more precautions. Eastenders dealt with the issue of euthanasia in a past show where Dot is the permanent carer for Ethel who has lung cancer. The nurses and doctors offer to put Ethel in a care home as she has only a few days to live and Ethel refuses and says she wants Dot to care for her.

    • Word count: 1047
  5. Should Euthanasia be legalized in Sweden?

    The process of euthanasia is extremely complex and not all individuals are accepted. The main method used is lethal injections, the patient is injected with a lethal solution into the brachial artery; within a few minutes the solutions is circulated around the body and the heart beats gradually come to a halt. It's a painless method, as a high percentage of the solution consists of morphine. For a patient to be given permission for euthanasia, it is required that the patient is examined by a doctor, along with a physiologist to conclude that the patient is in a state of "unbearable" pain and of sane mind.

    • Word count: 1708
  6. What is Euthanasia?

    This is often called "assisted suicide". Involuntary- is when other people decide that it would be for the best if someone's life ends, because he or she is not able to make that decision independently. They might have been in a coma for a very long time, perhaps, or they might be only a few hours old. Active - is when action is taken to bring life to an end; for example, a lethal dose of drugs might be given.

    • Word count: 1530
  7. What is meant by euthanasia?

    People in the past and at present may have used/use Doctors to decrease their life to help them die peacefully at their own request. In these circumstances it is usually kept quiet with only loyal and trusting co-workers to protect them from the law. In case they are charged with murder/manslaughter. Exit believes these doctors should be allowed to help their patients in this way. But the law has to face the problem that this could be used in the wrong way and people may be killed when either it isn't their request or that even the older generation who may live with their children's family and feel a burden on the family.

    • Word count: 1182
  8. Should Euthanasia be Legalised?

    This regularly described as murder but there are certain circumstances where it is required. Non-voluntary euthanasia is used when the person is too young or is unconscious and therefore cannot make a significant choice whether to live. An appropriate person makes the decision on their behalf. Active euthanasia occurs when a person intentionally takes away a person's life. Passive euthanasia occurs when a person takes a person's life indirectly. They allow them to die. Assisted suicide is when someone provides another person the means to kill themselves. This could be because of a disability the person may have or simply because the person does not know what to take.

    • Word count: 1536
  9. Religious Studies - Euthanasia

    Non-voluntary euthanasia is when one's life is ended without their consent. Living will, the final type of euthanasia is when one writes in their will, if one is very ill, one gives instructions about speeding one's death up. Another argument they might have is that euthanasia is only helping the patients in pain. Some patients want to die rather than to suffer and endure lots of pain. The patient should never be in excruciating pain. The doctor should be able to stop this pain. These patients will tell their doctor they want euthanasia. However, not all doctors want to do euthanasia because they have a risk of being prosecuted and imprisoned.

    • Word count: 1095
  10. Should Euthanasia be legalised?

    The first type of Euthanasia mentioned above is known as "active voluntary euthanasia." This is where a conscious, mentally capable person, usually with a severe physical illness, loses the motivation to live. Many people say that keeping them alive is just extending the time of death, a cruel punishment. They sometimes ask that life support should be disconnected so that they can die quickly and painlessly. Most doctors are trained to do their best to defeat death, or at least try to delay it as long as possible, but if the patient is desperately ill, and would rather die, the doctor can consult the "hospital ethics committee", and take the patient off of life support.

    • Word count: 1008
  11. euthanasia

    There different types of euthanasia,involantary, volantaty, non- volantary, active and passive. Active and passive euthanasia brings up an important moral question; is it the same thing to kill someone as it is to let someone die? How a follower of a natural law might respond to issues of euthanasia? Euthanasia deliberately interferes with the natural process of dying so natrual law followers will believe euthanasia is morally wrong. "There is a long tradition, going back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, which argues that we do not have right to dispose of our lives or lives of others because all life was created by god and belongs to him" Ethics 6: Euthanasia by Reg Luhman.

    • Word count: 1319
  12. Explain how Islamic teachings about the sanctity of life affects a Muslim's attitude towards Euthanasia and Suicide

    - Allah has planned our life. Moreover, Muslims believe that Allah is Immanent as well as being transcendent. They also believe that Allah has given humans 'free-will' (which is why moral evil exists) which causes suffering. Furthermore, they believe that Allah gave Jinn (angels) free will. Iblis, a Jinn, disobeyed Allah by not bowing down to Adum (first man) when asked to, and thus became Shaytan (the devil). Muslims believe that Allah lets Shaytan corrupt and tempt people into committing evil (this is because Allah continuously tests people to remind them that to keep their faith); however He only lets Shaytan tempt/test people as much as they can bear- it is up to them to the human to decide whether they keep their faith.

    • Word count: 1348
  13. Euthanasia B

    Hospice Movement- St. Christopher's - Dame Cicely Saunders founded the first modern hospice in London in 1967. It was founded on the principles of caring for the sick, researching into pain control, and teaching nurses and doctors how to cope with terminal disease. It also was one of the first hospitals to include the ideas of spiritual treatment as well as medical. She said "You matter because you are you. You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die."

    • Word count: 1366
  14. Explain what Christian teachings might be used in the discussion about Euthanasia.

    Old people wonder about asking for an 'easy death' so that they can keep their human dignity. The life, death and resurrection of Christ have been given a new meaning to death for a Christian. This declaration is about the human rights of a person concerning their death. The value of human life: God's people see life as a gift of his love. Therefore- * No-one should try to take the life of an innocent person. * Life is a trust given to a person, talent meant to increase. * Intentional suicide is as wrong as murder.

    • Word count: 1134
  15. Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles

    Great respect is also shown for Jesus when the daughter dies and the messenger is sent. When Jesus raised people from the dead he showed that the power of God was stronger than death and nothing could stand in God's way. Jesus also shows subtlety and calm in his actions. Jesus obviously recognised Jairus and the woman's faith otherwise he would not have healed them and showed his power to the world. An example of Jesus casting out demons is in 'Jesus heals a man with demons' (Luke 8:26-39).

    • Word count: 1216
  16. r.e coursework

    Instead, they are taken to purgatory where they are punished for a period of time before they are able to enter heaven. In 1999, Pope John Paul II described purgatory like this 'Before we enter into Gods Kingdom, every trace of sin within us must be eliminated, every imperfection in our soul corrected. This is exactly what takes place in purgatory'. He meant that purgatory wasn't a physical place, but a state of being. The bible is not clear about whether this new life after death is a physical or spiritual one.

    • Word count: 1942

    It is also stated in the Bible that our bodies are temples of God's spirit, and "If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him" (1 Corinthians 3.16). Our life is "holy" and the Holy Spirit lives within us, it is therefore wrong to many Christians. Performing euthanasia to a person suggests that one is not worthwhile in this world, we are not in this position to judge, only God can do so. All Christians also believe that we do not have the authority to ending a person life, this decision remains upon God.

    • Word count: 1059
  18. Speaking and Listening Coursework (Euthanasia Speech)

    Classmates, I would now like you to consider what you would do in the same situation? Would you wish to take a dignified way out, when no hope remained? So today I will be discussing the morality of Euthanaisa, the benefits and what it really means, for although I'm sure many of you will have herd the term, you may just be unaware of its true meaning. Paragraph 2 To fully understand what Euthanasia is, we need to look at the origin of the world; Euthanasia comes from ancient Greece, and means 'good death'. The ancient Greeks and Romans generally did not believe that life needed to be preserved at any cost and were, in any

    • Word count: 1701
  19. Can Euthanasia be justified?

    - The Decision depends on the values and the paradigms and then it will not be the same depending on the culture/religion. Emotions affect our capacity to be reasonably. Religion can affect the decision because God says that you can't kill anyone and God makes the decision about who dies and who survives. Our survey shows that all the people between the ages of 17 and 18 said that if the person in question is to decide because it is a human right to decide when you die.

    • Word count: 1759
  20. Sanctity Of Life

    Our beliefs in the value of life influenced by the church also affect the way we see euthanasia. Euthanasia is the act of bringing about the easy and gentle death of a person, usually someone who is terminally ill or in great pain. For this reason it is often called 'mercy killing' There are two types of euthanasia. Voluntary or active euthanasia is when the person concerned asked someone else to help them die. They may persuade another person to assist them to die or they may refuse the medical treatment necessary to keep them alive. Passive euthanasia is when the person concerned is no longer in a condition where they can make a decision for themselves.

    • Word count: 1499
  21. Describe The Christian Teaching On The Sanctity Of Life In Relation To Euthanasia

    these Christians agree with the law and present these arguments for their anti-euthanasia policy: People don't always know what is best for them and if they are distressed by their disease they could make a wrong decision or could change their mind and not be able to tell their doctors about it. Many people recover after doctors have said they are terminally ill and if they have said they want to be killed then, obviously, there can be no recovery.

    • Word count: 1706
  22. How does the playwright Brian Clark present the conflict between Ken Harrison and his doctors whose life is it anyway? The play whose life is it anyway by Brian Clark

    Emerson in a court of law, and also sees it as doing a favor for Dr. Emerson, no matter what he finds whilst talking to Ken. In order to make the play more dramatic the debate further Brian Clark uses a dramatic point. The point is that before Ken suffered his accident he was happy and wanted to go on living, but at that time people listened to him and he could have argued a point and people would have listened to it.

    • Word count: 1291
  23. Arguments Against Euthanasia

    An article in the journal, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, described assisted suicide guidelines for those with a hopeless condition. "Hopeless condition" was defined to include terminal illness, severe physical or psychological pain, physical or mental debilitation or deterioration, or a quality of life that is no longer acceptable to the individual. That means just about anybody who has a suicidal impulse . 2. Euthanasia can become a means of health care cost containment "...physician-assisted suicide, if it became widespread, could become a profit-enhancing tool for big HMOs.

    • Word count: 1479
  24. Should we have the right to take our own life? Examine the main issues of the debate. Introduction Talk of suicide and euthanasia has long been the focus of media attention

    Findings The sixth commandment declares 'Thou shalt not kill' (Ex 20:13; Dt 5:17) and many Christians believe there is no recognition of a 'right to die' as human life belongs to God (Ps 24:1) and is therefore not any human being's personal possession. But it's even more important to realise that euthanasia and suicide is not just religious issues or debate. The debate over euthanasia and assisted suicide is about public policy and the law. In an ideal world we would be able to make our own decisions.

    • Word count: 1752
  25. Euthanasia - the right to take a life

    For instance, if a person was being kept alive by a life support machine, to remove it would be to let them die as chances of a healthy revival are often low. This is an acceptable form of euthanasia in this country. Still many people believe this should not be the case, as a person should be kept alive at all costs. Involuntary euthanasia is to take another persons life against their wish. This is classed as murder and is illegal worldwide.

    • Word count: 1270

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  • Would removing life support from an individual in a permanently vegetative state be morally wrong? Discuss with reference to: a) the sanctity of life and b) the doctrine of double effect.

    "A separate argument could be the slippery slope. This argument can be used with many arguments such as legalization. The legalization of cannabis is often looked upon however if it was legal then wouldn't more harmful drugs become closer and closer to legalization? The argument seems to fall down a slippery slope and others follow. I can link this argument with euthanasia, if voluntary active euthanasia is allowed, then people would argue why involuntary passive euthanasia is not acceptable. This could lead to a knock-on effect, which could of started from a small event taking place leading to anything whatsoever. I believe that removing life from a person in a PVS is acceptable on the grounds that it is authorized with doctors and known to be 100% true that the patient will not recover from the vegetative state he or she is in. I also believe that letting the patient die is equally acceptable as to killing the patient with a lethal drug, letting somebody die is just as bad as killing someone in most cases."

  • Analyse the Way In Which a T.V Soap Opera Has Dealt With a Religious or Moral Issue.

    "After taking into consideration both sides of the argument I have come to a conclusion, and my own personal opinion is that euthanasia should be allowed. Even taking into account it will affect the loved ones of someone I still believe if someone is in so much pain he/she couldn't take it any more, subsequently it would seem fair to respect their decision."

  • To what Extent was Hitler’s Euthanasia policy a distinct “Nazi” Policy?

    "In conclusion to all the evidence provided that the Euthanasia program was a great indicator for the later establishment of the concentration camps for the Jews. In my opinion the Euthanasia was to an extent not a distinctive Nazi policy but merely a quick and easy cover for Hitler's hatred for Jews. What Hitler did certainly did not follow the definition for euthanasia and can be said that he manipulated it to his own version of euthanasia but the original euthanasia cannot be credited to the Nazi policy. The involuntary euthanasia of children and adolescents who were mentally or physically challenged, although considered murder was still in the constraints of the euthanasia policy. Hitler's aims for this was not the extermination of mentally disabled but more the cleansing of Jews from the German infrastructure. Hitler intended on establishing an "arichen Herrenvolk" 15which was known as the Aryan race, the race without impure blood or disabilities. He did so once in the late 1930's and the same idea carried through to the concentration camps for Jews later on."

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