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GCSE: Morality of War

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  1. "Blessed are the peace-makers" is a theme we have heard through the ages. Is peace possible? Discuss

    There is a clash of civilizations between the Christian west, Orthodox east, Latin America, Africa, Islam, Hindu and China/Japan. The situation between the Islam culture and America is a great representation of this. There is a great degree of hate and ignorance fueling the fighting that is happening in that region. With all this hate and animosity one would assume that they would know more about each others cultures and therefore hate each other as a result, but the fact is that 75 % of Americans admit to knowing nothing about the Muslim culture nor have any desire to, and the same can be said for 80% of Iranians.

    • Word count: 936
  2. Bowling for Columbine

    And one of those means is having a gun. When a criminal breaks in to your house, who is the first person you're going to call? Most people would call the police because they have guns. Cut out the middle man; take care of your own family yourself. If you're not going to protect your family, who is? " . Self obsession is one of the issues that were discussed in the interview of Oprah Winfrey and Michael Moore. It appears to me that people have forgotten how to talk things out peacefully anymore, it is also frightening to realise that that almost all of the citizens in America owned a personal gun.

    • Word count: 1451
  3. Sara Swingle

    The statute was then added to in 1998 because of the court case Cronin v. West Whiteland Tp. The police received a 911 phone call stating that a domestic disturbance was in progress and immediate response was necessary. Upon entering the kitchen police observed "the defendant had been holding a knife... the kitchen was in state of disarray, defendant had bleeding scratch and wife had a cut on hand." (Purdon's, 166). Also in 1989 in addition to what sections officers could arrest for they also had to "observe recent physical injury or other corroborative evidence and the victim is a spouse of the suspect or a person with whom the suspect resides or has formally resided with."

    • Word count: 1416

    Verbal/psychological violence is a form of violence done without touching the victim's body. The assaults are made viciously on the victim by destroying personal belongings, family heirlooms, or the family pet. The destruction is done on purpose and the psychological impact may be as devastating as a physical attack. Many of the assaults are forms controlling behaviours. One of the most common examples of psychological violence against women is intimate partner psychological abuse. Some examples of psychological/verbal violence done by intimate partners, especially in the developing countries, are restictions or attempts to prevent contact with other men by becoming angry

    • Word count: 2028
  5. Outline and discuss the view that violence on screen can cause violence in society.

    After being shown into a room full of toys there were then told that the toys were not for them and thus made feel frustrated. They were then led into a room containing a bobo doll and were observed through a one way mirror. The three groups who were shown violence behaved more aggressively towards the doll than the fourth group. Nevertheless the correlation doesn't prove causation and more importantly the experiment was carried out on children who are prone to imitate what they see, however as they get older they would develop a better sense of judgment and become fully aware of the consequences of their actions.

    • Word count: 951
  6. "The media can largely be blamed for the worldwide increase in violence." To what extent to you agree?

    Blockbuster movies that top the charts tend to be action-packed with fighting galore, such as the Terminator in 1984 or films about superheroes that save the day by destroying the villains. Such superheroes include Superman, Batman and Spiderman. The youth are then influenced by observing these behaviour and mimicking the actions of these so-called heroes. The relationship between the media and its audience, is somewhat like that of a role model and follower. The increasing presence of violence and cruelty in the big screen actually conditions us to view violence as acceptable, and a normal way to resolve conflicts.

    • Word count: 1160
  7. Legalization of Marijuana in Brazil

    Indeed in countries like England marijuana has been legalized for medical purposes, it is used as a sedative. The results are very pleasing. "Hemp"- the plant that marijuana originates from has lots of other uses. Very efficient medicines can be made from this plant. Moreover it is very cost efficient to be used to produce other by products such as shirts, trousers, coats, cosmetics, paper among others. As we can see, legalization could even help a lot the Brazilian economy. Everyone is conscious that marijuana, even not being legal, is used and produced everywhere. It has become a permanent part of contemporary society.

    • Word count: 878
  8. Violence in the media

    People feel that it is unacceptable to show these kinds of images, as some scenes can be of those in agony therefore pointing a camera on them is disrespectful. However some actuality images are less harmful as it may not be an extreme act such as tackles in football matches. Realistic fictional is when violence is acted out which can potentially happen in real life. This may be unacceptable to people as it can be influential and seem as exciting therefore there are temptations to copy it.

    • Word count: 1934
  9. Domestic Violence Is On The Increase According To Many Media Sources

    "It has been suggested that the terms 'disputes' and 'abuse' can underplay the violence involved and thus serve to mask or trivialise the problem. To talk of battered women or battered wives is at once both too wide and too narrow. The former, despite popular use could be criticised for its possible ambiguity - for failing to distinguish adequately that the violence occurs within the contents of private relationships - while the latter might be taken to preclude relationships falling outside the marriage contract.

    • Word count: 1242
  10. Describe the importance of the Bible in the life and worship of Christians

    In many ways the whole idea of Christianity is based on worship and having the faith to worship only God. In the Ten Commandments given to God by Moses, Christians are given a direct order to worship God above all others. To Christians, the Bible is very important because it is holy and sacred. Christians believe that the Bible extremely important as it is also the Word of God, which can teach, guide and inspire them in their everyday life.

    • Word count: 1657
  11. Source based discussion on the events at Sharpville.

    There are also a few surface disagreements with facts such as the number of Saracens present. Source A claims that only "...three Saracens..." were there and Source B describes four times this number were "...on call..." in Sharpville that "...morning..." and later in the day. 2) On one hand these photos both give a view on the events at Sharpville, both show that "crowds" of protestors have shown up and that in Source D they seem to be making the "thumbs up" gesture at the people in the car.

    • Word count: 1770
  12. ''The Bible was written centuries ago. Can Christians still regard it as relevant for today?''

    The writers of the Bible who were inspired by God (as many Christians believe) knew nothing about nuclear weapons, surrogate mothers, or test tube babies. Very generally, Christians would say that the essential teachings of the Bible are relevant to people today, whether it be a strong Fundamentalist view, or a more realistic liberal view, as many Christians combine a conservative view with the liberal ones. Human nature does not change and the teachings in the Bible are eternal. Non-Christians could argue that mankind's attitudes and society has changed, our technological capacity has increased, and so they regard the Bible as unimportant and irrelevant today.

    • Word count: 513
  13. Persecution under Nero

    The Romans never understood why Christians would eat and drink wine, Romans thought this was a special ritual. Some people would say that the Christians were cannibals and even eat babies. The Romans didn't like the thought that slaves and women attended to the meetings, this was because slaves and women were looked down upon the Romans. The Romans believed that Christians were meeting to plot against the emperor, Christians would not offer incense to Caesar and for that they were punished and used for entertainment to the Romans as they were killed and punished. The Christian refused to worship Roman gods, they openly say their won was the true ruler of heaven and earth, and all other Gods were false, this upset the Romans and were very furious.

    • Word count: 1395
  14. "It's my life and I can do what I want"

    Christians have Jesus as an example of what to live like and people are often persecuted for their beliefs in our society. Our society can put pressure on young Christians and use peer pressure to make them go againsed gods will.

    • Word count: 357
  15. 'If a Christian loved his neighbour he would not fight.' Discuss.

    This means that if you do not have a sword, or a weapon, get one. But this teaching contradicts and is contradicted most of all buy this teaching "All who draw the sword will die by the sword." This is saying that all who fights will die fighting. Another reason that Christians disagree with the above statement is that some are pacifists. This means that they will not fight. Pacifists are those who believe that violence leads to more violence and rarely achieves the results intended. They also believe that war brings out the worst in mankind and 'lays bare the dark side of human nature.'

    • Word count: 713
  16. Religion, Peace and Justice

    Although many Christians believe that war is wrong, some Christians do take part in war as they believe that the bible teaches them teaching that permit war. God gave people the ability to reason. War may be justified. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". (Exodus 21) shows that punishment shall be appropriate to the crime. Many of these Christians use violence simply as a form of self-defence. Some Christians are such strong believers, that they will sacrifice their life for their beliefs; these Christians are known as Martyrs.

    • Word count: 2143
  17. What does Christianity teach about human responsibility for the world?

    Genesis 1:27-28 Human beings are godlike beings made in Gods likeness and possessing capacities which distinguish them from the animal creation. Since God is interested in the earth, so should the Christian want to care for all that God has made. God tells man to look after the earth and Christians believe they have a responsible task in God's plan for creation. God tells man they should care for the world and Christians believe that they should look after it because he has given it to them.

    • Word count: 3568
  18. Chose two specific examples of problems faced by people in the developing countries and explain how Christians might apply the beliefs you have identified to the problems

    able to protect your country' as a country we are trying to help people in developing countries but when our government does this its like taking two steps forward and three steps back. The World Bank, which provides loans to these countries, expects it's money returned along with interest charges and a lot of these countries can barely afford to repay just the money loaned. In lots of cases they borrow more money to pay off the first loan. It is a never-ending cycle, which leaves these nations constantly in debt.

    • Word count: 954
  19. Explain what Christians believe about their responsibilities for other people.

    He taught to "Love thy Neighbour" and he did so himself. Following this you would do no wrong any person, in any way. It is one of the many responsibilities that Christians undertake. "Do unto others, as you will be done by". Some call this Matthew's golden rule. Christians must follow this, in order to make all men equal. Unfortunately this does not always happen, because there are those people in the world, people that might not be Christians that think they are more important than others are.

    • Word count: 716
  20. What Christians Believe Is Up To Them, But They Should Not Impose Their Views Onto Others. Do You Agree?

    This is one of the strongest points that suggesting that the argument might be argued both ways. If the Vikings or the Romans for that matter hadn't invaded England and imposed their Views, Religions, Laws and Ways of Life, would the world be as it is today. After all, changing the invaded country into another Roman or Viking Empire was the aim, and it was done no matter what, even by force. But the question remains, is it or was it right for people to impose their views on others.

    • Word count: 738
  21. Violence and Males

    Movie heroes such as Sylvester Stallone, Steven Segal, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are glorified by Hollywood and society for their violent roles in blockbuster films. These actors, who are all men, can be seen killing up to hundreds of people in just one movie alone. If these actors decide to act in roles that differ from their action hero characters, their movies often flop.

    • Word count: 1363
  22. Mahatma Gandhi said, "We must become the change we want to see in the world." Reflect on your world and your place within it. Discuss how you have changed or plan to effect change within that world.

    The more possessions we obtained, the more we have to guard them from those who desire for it. It generates envy which leads to jealousy, and from jealousy it leads to hatred. People will use brute force generated by jealousy, fear and hatred to acquire assets which the poor cannot attain through compassion. Fear is the main seed of violence that is planted into our present society. The fear of suffering and losing our jobs, possessions and loved ones created our present disturbing attitude towards each other. Acts of violence generates anger into the victim. If the victim is unable to master the anger carefully, it would be like adding more gas to the fire.

    • Word count: 740
  23. "Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives."

    James 2:1-9 Roman Catholics believe that this relationship God begins at the moment of conception, due to this Christians believe that they have a responsibility to preserve life. - See Corinthians 3:16-17 James 2:1-4 "my brothers & sisters, as believers in our lord Jesus Christ, the lord of glory, you must never treat people in different ways according to their outward appearance." This clearly states no one is to be treated different no matter if they are one or one hundred out appearance should not influence your views.

    • Word count: 587
  24. Compare how the construction of your chosen scenes illustrates different approaches to screen violence. What conclusions can you draw about this issue?

    In Fight Club the sound plays an important role throughout the scene. Unlike Drunken Master, Fight Club has a narrator. These voice-overs take away the impact of the violence. The things he says like "No one wins or loses at fight club, no situations are resolved." makes the viewer see that there is much more reason to the fights, than just brawls. The diagetic sounds of the actual fights themselves have been hugely exaggerated we hear the hard blows to the face in great detail.

    • Word count: 1559
  25. Describe the teachings and beliefs of Christians about death and what might happen afterwards.

    Heaven is referred to as a "white" and God is said to be sitting on "a great white throne" Revelations 20. "Hell" in the English language comes from Old English, "Hel", meaning underworld. They teach that hell is place that you spend eternity without God's presence. Many Christians used to believe that hell is a physical, fiery place where you spend eternity being tortured. They believed this because they associated it with the rubbish dump, Gehenna, outside of Jerusalem where fire was constantly burning.

    • Word count: 2595

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