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GCSE: Pilgrimage

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  1. Describe a visit to a Christian place of pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is a spiritual journey on which people go to become closer to God. Pilgrimage

    The purpose was to build churches to the glory of God. Main purpose for visiting Rome is to see the Vatican and more historical landmarks. On a visit to the Vatican it's likely that pilgrims will visit La Piazza Di San Pietro (St Peter's Square), which lies before the Basilica of St Peter. St. Peter's square provides the sense of being united and can strengthen faith. Pilgrims like to see the Pope and where he lives. He makes specific speeches and appearances around Easter and Christmas. Pilgrims can receive blessings from the Pope.

    • Word count: 1797
  2. (8B) Explain why some Christians go on pilgrimage and the effect which this might have on them

    These pilgrims also tend to be able to have a clear understanding that Jerusalem is a city where many historical events took place especially on the Christian religion. When some Christian pilgrims go to these pilgrimage sites, they have a feeling of knowing that they have accomplished a major task in Christian religion, which is knowing about the history of Christianity and thereby taking it into historical account. As these pilgrims keep travelling to these religious, sacred sites there comes a time when in one way or the other, a remarkable point in their lives changes and bringing about unity, freedom, merits and protests.

    • Word count: 1280
  3. What is Pilgrimage-AO1 Georgina Thomas

    Some Christians choose to make this journey uncomfortable as an act of penance and to reflect on the pain Jesus went through. In most recent years pilgrims have used modern transport to reach their chosen place of pilgrimage which some might argues damages the spirit of reason for going on pilgrimage. Those who choose to go on pilgrimage for their own reasons may be seeking a break from routine, some time and space to reflect, but going on pilgrimage is very different from a holiday.

    • Word count: 1601
  4. Throughout Christian history, pilgrimage has always featured highly. However, pilgrimages are a lot safer now.

    On June 24 1981, The Virgin Mary appeared to a group of six teenagers just outside the small village of Medugorje. She introduced herself as 'Queen of Peace' and said 'I have come to be with you, to convert and reconcile the whole world to God'. From that day to this it is said The Virgin Mary appears everyday. Evesham is another place that is now very popular with local pilgrims as it is another site in which The Virgin Mary appeared.

    • Word count: 1506
  5. Describe a visit to a Christian place of pilgrimage

    On the 25th February, a Thursday, she was told to drink and wash in the water from the cave. However there was only a tiny trickle of water in the cave and the tiny trickle became a stream pouring into the river. This stream now yields tens of thousands of gallons of water every day. On 2nd March she told Bernadette to build a chapel at the cave and to have processions there often. However, the priest did not believe her. The next time the lady appeared Bernadette asked her name to which she replied 'Immaculate Conception'. The doctrine of 'the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary' had only been set by the Pope four years earlier.

    • Word count: 1282
  6. There are many places of Christian pilgrimage. Santiago de Compostela in Spain is a place of Christian pilgrimage.

    Many go because they are ill and go on Pilgrimage to ask god to help, or heal them. Lourdes is a good example of this. Many Christians believe that Lourdes is a place of healing. The ill go and sometimes bath in the water as it is supposed to have healing powers. Other Christian may go on pilgrimage to meet people of the same situation, and find comfort in being with others of the same beliefs and this helps them to cope with what ever problems they have.

    • Word count: 1275
  7. There is evidence of pilgrimage in the Old Testament book of king where Elijah goes to pray on Mount Horeb

    During the pilgrimage a pilgrim will be involved in various religious activities, as well as prayer and reflection. The celebration of the sacraments is very common during pilgrimages. Pilgrims will approach pilgrimage or their journey in many ways depending on their reason for going. They may go to different places depending on their reason. There are many different approaches to pilgrimage. The whole pilgrimage could depend on why you are going for example if you want to feel closer to Jesus you would probably go to the Holy land and visit places associated with his life such as His birthplace- Bethlehem or where He taught and died- Jerusalem.

    • Word count: 1248
  8. Explain why some Christians go on pilgrimage and the effect which this might have on them.

    Having gone on a pilgrimage to escape the Crusades, a Christian may have developed a sense of pacifism, and, therefore, would not support any military action in the future. On the other hand, a Christian may feel that he/she has not been faithful to God in avoiding the Crusades, and may decide that they want to fight for their faith after all. Avoiding things was a major reason for pilgrims to go on a pilgrimage; sometimes when a person was convicted of a small crime they would be given the option of prison or a pilgrimage, in the hope that the ordeal would help them improve.

    • Word count: 1715
  9. Explain the part pilgrimage plays in the religious life of Christians. In your answer, include reference to the two places of pilgrimage you have mentioned.

    Others who are terminally ill might want to bathe in water that has been taken from the spring. At the baths, each person is stripped down to his or her under-garments. They are then put on a stretcher and held over the bath. The bath is full of water from the spring, and is usually extremely cold. Before a person is fully submerged in the water, he or she kisses a small model of Our Lady. Some people have been known to come out of the water completely dry.

    • Word count: 1349
  10. Explain why going on a pilgrimage is important for many Roman catholic Christians.

    They also have Marion shrines, which are pilgrimage places associated with Our Lady. These are places where we believe she appeared like at Fatima where she appeared to three children and told them three secrets. Other shrines are places where Jesus taught and lived, a popular one is the Holy Land. Jodi Berkeley. In Bethlehem where Jesus was born people visit the Church of the Nativity. The Church of the Nativity is bedecked with treasures that are believed to be gifts left by the rich and poor pilgrims for over one thousand years.

    • Word count: 1482
  11. Explain why going on pilgrimage is important for many Roman Catholic Christians. With reference to two places of pilgrimage explain the meaning and practices associated with them.

    The site was recognized as holy in 1862 and in 1866 Bernadette became a nun. Lourdes is important to the Catholic Church because they Canonized Bernadette after she died at 35. Lourdes is of particular interest to the sick because it provides special care for the sick. The sick are prayed for anointed and taken to the baths that are connected with many miraculous cures. In the Catholic Church one of the processes before a saint is publicly proclaimed concerns an examination of miracles of healing attributed to that person, healing is a great sign of God's action in the church.

    • Word count: 1880

Religious Studies involves more than just study the world's great religions. In studying the subject you may end up covering how spirituality underpins our culture, how belief systems inform how we treat each other, animal life and the world around us, and the role religion plays in societies around the globe. Youll pick up some valuable skills along the way too: analytical thinking and critical judgement, the ability to work with others, skills of expression and discussion, and ways in which you can negotiate and resolve argument.

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