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GCSE: Places of Worship

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  1. AO2 Marriage Coursework

    the importance is not the fact that they are just words that are said to each other, it's the actual words that are said in the vows. For example if a husband/wife were to become very ill and needs constant care, the RC church would say that the couple must keep the marriage strong because of the vow 'in sickness and in health', and in order for them to do so they could, go to marriage counselling EG Relate, CMAC.

    • Word count: 1026
  2. Explain how the teachings of Islam and Christianity might influence a married couples decision about the use of contraception

    Christianity and Islam have different denominations, which means that not all Christians think the same. The main denominations for Christianity are Roman Catholic and The Church of England. The Main denominations for Islam are Strict, Centrists and Liberal. If the married couple where Roman Catholic Christian, they would not use artificial contraception at all, because they believe in natural law, in keeping with human nature, as when sexual intercourse takes place, it is natural to get pregnant, and if people try to stop this from happening then they are not doing what nature intended. This means that they would be going against Gods will, which would not be very good.

    • Word count: 627
  3. Assisi Critical Evaluation

    In the first stanza, MacCaig's casual use of brutal language pushes the image of the beggar into our faces: "The dwarf with his hands on backwards" The description of the "dwarf" is casual and brutal as if he is not human, which the derogatory label suggests. Furthermore, MacCaig creates shock by comparing two contrasting images: the disfigured beggar and a beautiful church. This is employed in the middle of the first stanza: "the three tiers of churches" Here we can clearly see that the poet is using juxtaposition to compare the contrasting images of the deformed beggar and the beautiful church.

    • Word count: 997
  4. To Kill A Mocking Bird - selected essays related to Chapter 12

    Due to the land being made of hard clay if someone died during a dry spell the church had to put ice over the body until rain softened the ground. The chapter shows that the black people can't afford gravestones so they outline them "in coke cans and glass" this shows how the cope with the poorness and not being able to afford stuff. The Church is "Unceiled and unpainted within" and this shows that they cannot afford the things the white churches can.

    • Word count: 1077
  5. How far do you agree that the church in England on the eve of the 16th centaury was in need of reformation?

    The fundermental concern was their main interests were not on the welfare of the church but attaining power and authority for themselves. However there is little evidence to prove this. Colet's sermon of 1511 openly opposed the clergy in convocation; he claimed that too many members of the church were far more preoccupied on climbing an ecclesiastical hierarchy than committing to church ideals. However the attacks were said to be heavily exaggerated, especially as they were preached in convocation, one churchman to another. Cloet was also a cleric; Dean of St Paul's and shared no public dissatisfaction for the clergy.

    • Word count: 1331
  6. English Reformation

    The abuses of pluralism and absenteeism opened the floodgates for criticism against the Church, and according to Dickens, a driving force behind the growing power of Protestantism; ' any version of the English Reformation which ignores the dynamic impact of early Protestantism remains incomplete and unconvincing.'3 It is worth noting that since the Reformation occurred, it is enticing to presume that it was an imperative and valid remonstration against the ineptness of the Church. Such views argued by Dickens however, can be exaggerated.

    • Word count: 3349
  7. Examine and comment on the attitudes of Roman Catholic and Anglican churches to Homosexuality.

    Christian attitudes towards sex are very much influenced by the ancient Christian cultures from which their religion was founded. Many early Christian writers including St Augustine often portrayed sex in a negative light focusing upon the view that sex was a form of sin unless being used for reproductive purposes. This is a view that stems from contemporary Roman Catholic and in some cases Protestant denominations belief in Natural Moral Law. Natural Moral Law was first articulated by St Thomas Aquinas who stated that this was the way in which humans could understand their purpose and the way in which

    • Word count: 3096
  8. Studies of Religion

    congregation."8 It is not necessary to have any ordination process to take on this role, with any adult male in Orthodox, or any adult male or female in Conservative and Reform, being able to act as the Shaliach Tzibur. In contrast to Christianity, the Shaliach Tzibur is not an intermediary between the congregation and God; rather the individual simply leads the prayers in front of the congregation as well as recites them on behalf of those who cannot do so.

    • Word count: 2314
  9. Catholicism and Methodism - Major Christian Denominations

    They broke away from the Church to preach in homes, fields, barn houses or anywhere else they could find followers. After disbanding from the Church of England, they didn't initially start a new Church, but rather initialised faith-restoration groups called "United Societies" as a branch of the Anglican Church. By 1774, however, Methodism spread and became it's own religion. As the years went by, Methodism became the largest Protestant denomination in America. The largest denomination of Methodism today is the United Methodist Church, which is a unique blend of New Testament Christianity, the Protestant Reformation, and the influence of John Wesley and his Methodist Church.

    • Word count: 1469
  10. Free essay

    "The Roman Catholic Church gained more from the Lateran Pacts than did the government of Mussolini" How far do you agree with this judgement on the impact of the Lateran pacts in the years 1929-1939?

    The impact of this pact had positive affects for both sides. The agreements made stopped the church leading any direct and substantial opposition to fascism but, at the same time, the continued existence, and power, of the church meant that the Fascist State could never be truly totalitarian. One of the major gains from the Lateran Pacts for the church was that their 'tools' of indoctrination were allowed to continue. Namely, these tools were Catholic Action and Religious Education. In the Lateran Pacts it was agreed that Roman Catholic Religious Education would be compulsory in all state schools.

    • Word count: 889
  11. Free essay

    place of worship

    Imams also give Islamic lectures e.g. Jummah khutbah which is said before the prayer. In Ramadan the imam gives Islamic speeches and lectures to remind people of Islam. Even though it is not obligatory for an Imam to be a scholar many of them are and can organise Islamic circles for adults and the youth to spread their knowledge of Islam. Most people also send their children to an Imam to learn Quran. This is mostly done in non-Islamic countries as they do not have Islamic schools for the children to learn Quran in.

    • Word count: 682
  12. newstead abbey

    Henry VIII only gave it to the Byron family on one condition and that was that they had to make Newstead look like a house and not a monastery. From the pictures below u can see that the statue at the top of the west front is still there and that is because the things they couldn't reach they had to leave. One of the statue's that they couldn't reach was the statue of Madonna and child which is still there.

    • Word count: 2571
  13. A poem I found rather appealing because of the striking aspects of it was "Assisi" by Norman MacCaig.

    " this instantly tells us that St Francis was a very prominent man, he was a wealthy man who gave up his wealth to help the poor. " Talker with birds "suggests that St Francis was sweet tempered, this showed me how important St Francis was. MacCaig wraps up the first stanza by saying "over whom he had the advantage of not being dead yet " , this represents that the end may be near for the dwarf after living around the huge cathedral many years , he in now beginning to wear away.

    • Word count: 973
  14. the new proposal from the Church of England to replace the Book of Common Prayer that had graced the pews of churches nationwide since 1661. Its introduction provoked dispute

    We then have to consider whether maintaining the tradition and the heritage of "common prayer" is more valued to the church than the amount of people attending church. Putting the content of BCP into the modern day context it is not practical. It is argued that the dated language alienates attendance numbers in church as it is harder to understand, therefore has less significance in meaning. For example archaic and unfamiliar lexis such as the use of the subjunctive "glory be to god", compound words "only-begotten" and repetition of "thou" are all unfamiliar to the young audience of today that the church is wishing to attract if they wish attendance numbers to augment.

    • Word count: 935
  15. Places and Forms Of Worship

    These are all connected to the church. The Guild House is for important social, charitable and religious organised events. People also live in the Guild House. St Lawrence House is used as the churches office and for children and youth departments. St Johns Hall is used for church activities and worship. Saint George and Saint Teresa (Roman Catholic Church) I visited this church on Wednesday 7th March 2006. We got taken around the church by a Deacon called Paul Grosvenor. A deacon is a leader below a priest.

    • Word count: 3893
  16. r.eDescribe the main features of a specific mosque:

    Within most Islamic countries and some western countries the muezzin calls worshippers to pray five times daily on the minaret of the mosque. The caller stands facing the kiblah in Makkah and recites Arabic beginning with 'Allahu Akbar' (Allah is the greatest). Non-Muslims usually find the call to prayer form the minaret particularly haunting when visiting Muslim countries. Within the mosque there are four features, first of all there is a Minbar which is a stand on platform where the imam delivers his sermon or Khutbah usually at Salat-Ul-Jummah (Friday prayers).

    • Word count: 752
  17. analyse and explain the role and function of the mosque in the Muslim community

    and special prayers. These particular libraries consist on having computers, books and video tapes. Computers are primarily used by the mosque committee to produce prayer timetables, letters as well as other things like plans for the future for the public. However mojoritarianly the public organise special occasions within the mosque themselves such as Islamic conferences which tend to help increase the Ummahs knowledge on Islam. Mosques are not only used by males but women as well. There are separate rooms in which women can spend their time praying along with educating themselves about Islam.

    • Word count: 793
  18. women ordination

    Theology- "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." (Genesis 1:27) "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28) The above texts emphasise that both women and men are made in the image of God. One of the main arguments against the ordination of women is that women are not made in the likeness of Christ.

    • Word count: 735
  19. Afghan Church Mumbai

    East India Company had used this place as a military cantonment area due to the remoteness of this place. At the southern tip of Mumbai, Afghan Church stands in a quiet army cantonment, an imposing basalt edifice with a lofty limestone spire. In the old days it had a sizeable flock of British officers who turned up for the Sunday sermon. At the entrance, there is a big black board, revealing that it is an Anglican church dedicated to St.

    • Word count: 762
  20. Interview with church goer

    When did you actually start understanding about the Bible? -I got my first Bible when I was about 10 and I read it all in about a month.

    • Word count: 258
  21. A03: "It is not possible to be a disciple to-day in the way Jesus intended." Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more that one point of view.

    Going to church may make some young people feel uncool as their peers may laugh at them. In to day's society there has been a lot of bad things happening within the church with regards to child abuse etc. This has since turned people away from the church and has made people's faith weaken. They just feel that they cannot trust the church and eventually turn away from prayer altogether. Some people also suffer a lot of great difficulties in their life!

    • Word count: 992
  22. analysis of the poem

    It might imply that the churches are going out of use or it might also only mean church going. In the first stanza Larkin describes his first hesitant entrance into the church in which he feels strangely uncomfortable. He enters only after making sure that there is nobody inside.Larkin relies on assonance to depict a vivid image of the church's interior.The words "door thud shut" "sprawling of flowers" " small neat organ""tense,musty" each reflect the meaning. The word "thud shut" also emphasizes the sound of the door and the feeling of entrapment. "Another church" shows that he probably has visited many churches before but eventhough the result is the same he keeps on visiting."

    • Word count: 958
  23. vicar of dibley

    Before Pottle died hardly anyone attended the church services. This shows us that the services were boring and not lively like the church in the clip from Mr Bean we saw in class. David Horton who is the head of the parish council is shocked when an unfamiliar woman called Geraldine Granger walks in. When she introduces herself as the new vicar, David is so surprised and shocked. He immediately said that she isn't because she is a woman. This shows a sexist act towards Geraldine. Though after David made his comment Geraldine make a joke and acts normally.

    • Word count: 803
  24. It is not possible to be a disciple today in the way Jesus intended.doc

    Going to church may make some people feel uncool as their peers may laugh at them. Some people also suffer a lot of great difficulties in their life. People who have lost loved ones may question their faith. They must think to themselves, why is this happening to me? Why is God not doing anything to help me? Where is God? Because of these thoughts they could turn against God and their religion. These days there have been a lot of scandals happening within the church with regards to child abuse etc. This has since turned people away from the church and has made people's faith weaken.

    • Word count: 890
  25. examine and outline the claim that luther's overriding concern was with his own salvation

    It was also through this that he read the Epistles, which provided him with the answer he was looking for: "The just shall live by faith". I is the most important because it clearly shows that at this point, Luther was concerned with his salvation, and his sin. He didn't feel that the Church was providing him with the correct way - faith and good works - but he certainly wasn't trying to change it. As McGrath argues: "[Luther was] alarmed to find that nothing could free him from temptation and bring him spiritual satisfaction" V H H Green His

    • Word count: 1266

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