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GCSE: Prejudice and Discrimination

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  1. The Cultures and Relationships Expressed in Bend It Like Beckham

    Jules' mother does not adapt to her daughter's soccer vision at the same speed as the father. Jules' dad has promoted her dream to become a professional soccer player for a very long time, although Jules' mother has been against this fantasy. Her mother wants Jules to have a respectable job such as a "math teacher". However by the end of the movie, Jules' mother has broadened her mind for the benefit of her daughter to explore different job opportunities she has an interest in.

    • Word count: 1810
  2. Its not muslim women that are exploited its western women

    The burqa is the garment that covers a woman most completely, including the eyes being covered by the gauze, is another outfit. As well as the Nicab which just shows the eyes and the Hijab this does not cover the face, but the rest of the body and the hair. Prejudice against some Muslim women can be common, when some people see they are wearing and their overall appearance; this would definitely concern Muslims with their dress code. Western women i.e in England, do not have a law as to what clothes they must wear, for example, wearing a mini-skirt and vest top around the town is common.

    • Word count: 1369
  3. Aboriginal Spirituality

    (7) Complex relationships of blood and spirit that exists between Aboriginal people. (3) Often known as 'skins', the classification system includes everybody. All people are included in the interrelationships and every person has their own set of specific kinship relationships. Kinship influences the basic social interrelationships such as: how one can refer to another person, which relative one could approach and talk to and which not, and even who one could marry. The behavioural obligations and the rights form an important part of Aboriginal Law.(3)

    • Word count: 1897
  4. rascism. Throughout the issue of racism there have been people who put their beliefs into action such as the Quakers and Trevor Huddleston.

    In today's world there are legislations against discriminations of any form. An example of this is affirmative action which is being used to ensure individuals are given equal opportunities for all people and is against for people to be treated different due to their colour. Another famous example of racism was the apartheid system in South Africa. This example showed how one race felt so superior that they had to completely segregate races. Racism is an issue that has plagued many communities for the past 1000 years.

    • Word count: 1528
  5. Healthcare Workers during an Epidemic

    First I will examine the duties that go beyond their occupation of healthcare workers who are working in an environment that can threaten their own lives. Next, I will address what they get in return for their efforts, and finally, I will explore how an epidemic influences society in a positive aspect. Healthcare providers have a very stressful job to begin with, but the stress is greater when there is an epidemic outbreak within the community. This can increase marital stress, social isolation, and lack of support from family and friends.

    • Word count: 1012
  6. Section A RE Racism Coursework

    Priests are said to be god's followers. When a Christian attends church, the priest teaches them the words of god giving them the feeling that they should do well in their lives, if not for themselves then for god. And they do this by following his guidelines set out. They treat others the same way they wish to be treated. In this piece of coursework I will be looking at six biblical teachings and how they refer to racism. 1.

    • Word count: 1435
  7. Theory of Knowledge outline

    What is 'Religion' exactly? (defined above) B Treatment of Knowledge issues 1. Every person is entitled to their own opinions; religion is one of those 'entitlements'. Religion can come in different forms - there is the Catholic religion, just as there is the Christian religion, also the Atheist, Agnostic, Satanism, Buddhism, Stalinism, and Muslim religions, etc... However with religion, come's several different faiths and beliefs, which creates a complexity in how to justify the 'good' and the 'bad' when there are different moral beliefs: * There are people who believe in a higher power such as a God and his 'books'; which can fall into several different religions that have different beliefs, rules and implications; e.g.

    • Word count: 1346
  8. Free essay

    Poetry From Other Cultures Essay

    There are many different types of oppression and they include racism and hatred. The oppression which is in both of the poems is very similar. In "the poem of Jo´┐Żo", the oppressors are the Portuguese. They are the oppressors because they just went to Mozambique, then took away their way of life and made them live as if they were actually Portuguese people. Noemia De Sousa's personal experience of oppression when she was growing up was racism and hatred that was aimed at all black people from the Portuguese. In the poem "Still I Rise", the main oppressors are racist people in America, and the Slave Trade across the world and its legacy.

    • Word count: 1309
  9. Certain groups in society still experience prejudice and discrimination. How does this affect the experience and delivery of care? In what ways have predjudice and discrimination been challenged in care settings?

    Discrimination is having and using power to enforce this belief for example asking a friend or support worker of the individual if they want a drink rather than asking them directly. A more affecting example of this can be found with Lorna. She was encouraged by school teachers to take part in athletics rather than biology, despite her own preferences, highlighting the belief that African Caribbean people excel in sports (Unit 3 p81). This limits Lorna's access to education and knowledge and causes bad feeling between her and the education system as a whole.

    • Word count: 1182
  10. Free essay

    Explain what Christians believe about the sanctity of human life and especially their responsibility for those at the beginning and those at the end of life.

    Christians who protest over Abortion and Euthanasia use the bible to show that Abortion and Euthanasia are wrong. Some Quotes used are: Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." This would show that we were all created to be like God. This means God is in each one of us. When Abortion or Euthanasia happens, it is the killing of another person, so this would mean you are killing part of God. This also teaches that Christians should help each other and look after each other as this would mean that they are helping and looking after God.

    • Word count: 1070
  11. English Creative Writing

    It sounds silly but I had butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I hadn't felt this good since I won the spelling test in primary school. My parents always said that I was special and everyone would value me for who I am, like Allah does, but evidently life doesn't happen that way. Who is this God I worship? I devote my life, praying to my faith, all for this! Last Thursday it got to the point of no return. When I came home with a scratch from my forehead to my lower neck my parents said, "I don't want you to let anyone hurt you anymore".

    • Word count: 1099
  12. In "Cry, The Beloved Country," does Alan Paton reflect or challenge the cultural values of South Africa?

    Although the majority of the blacks or whites are religious, the poorer people (blacks) were more pious due to the faith they had in order to become as accomplished as the whites; nonetheless, some decided that it is not necessary to evolve into an accomplished person due to the statement Mr. Msimangu referred to: "They say he preaches of a world not made by hands, while in the streets about him men suffer and struggle and die." Msimangu explains that blacks should not worry about their misery life since they would have a better living in the other.

    • Word count: 1145
  13. comment on how the advertising campaign you have reviewed promotes the concerns and ideology of the Commission for Racial Equality.

    Covert is the hidden form of racism: for example, a white person being chosen for a job instead of a black person, or a white child getting a higher grade than a black child for the same quality of work. Overt is an obvious racism such as a physical attack or verbal abuse; this may be a mugging on somebody because of his or her race or it could be someone being shouted racist remarks at from across a street.

    • Word count: 1654
  14. What biblical and church teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion?

    They might use Luke 12:6-7 to support this belief, "Are not sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed the very hairs on your head are counted. Don't be afraid - you are worth more than many sparrows." This means that God cares about all of his creations, even the sparrows, and God promises that human beings much more valuable to him than sparrows. God knows every little detail about every person and everyone is unique.

    • Word count: 1731
  15. Looking at James McBride and his mother, Ruth McBride.

    Nevertheless, the quotes " too many rules to follow" , " too many forbidden" , "you cant's" , " you mustn't" expand the part of the reason for Ruth not being a Jews anymore, it just seems that they were limited to certain areas of actions, ways of thinking as well as the speech which will be tedious for those people like Ruth.

    • Word count: 1130
  16. What is meant by the word 'Racism'?

    Cultural racism is when a person or a group of people are racist towards others because of their culture, race or ethnicity. Institutional or systemic racism is racism that takes place in workplaces and some institutions. This kind of racism comes into practise in employment selection and recruitment, promotions, status and salary scales. In such occasions equal opportunities will be denied. In the UK, the governments 'Equal Opportunities' policy2 address the issue of racism and tries to eliminate such attitudes in employment sectors.

    • Word count: 1052
  17. Jews as God's Chosen People

    Thirdly there is the favour; the Old Testament covenants place their recipients in a favoured position. There is no overwhelming reason why they have been chosen. Fourthly, there is the responsibility; the recipients of covenant have a particular responsibility because of their special call. Fifthly, there is the intimacy with God; the covenant relationship enables the recipient to enter a special relationship with God. Lastly the point of setting apart; an example of this is when Samuel shows anger in 1 Samuel 8 in rejecting how special their race is by wanting to be similar to other nations.

    • Word count: 1381
  18. Christian Vocation

    'It belongs to the laity to seek the kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs.' (Bishops of the Second Vatican Council) All Catholics share the same task because of their baptism, 'they should there neighbour and love God', and the laity on the other hand is responsible for many tasks. The main tasks for the lay people in church is to join in the celebration of the sacraments, especially the celebration of the Eucharist, they may also read as Eucharistic ministers.

    • Word count: 1762
  19. Describe Christian teachings about how believers should treat people less fortunate than themselves. In today's world there is one major division. This is

    Today people are much more aware of the problems of poverty and for the poor. It is displayed all over the place. TV, internet, radio and newspapers. It is also much easier for people to help with organisations such as Oxfam, Christian aid, Cafod, Tearfund, Red Cross and Tradecraft doing most of the hard work. What the developed world must understand is that the people of the developing countries have not chosen to be in this situation. It is all beyond their control and they are relying on the generosity of people in developed countries for that chance of life.

    • Word count: 1571
  20. In "The Lemon Orchard," La Guma uses a number of techniques to convey his concerns for prejudice and discrimination against blacks. While he does not directly tell the reader to condemn racism

    Therefore La Guma is making a passionate plea beseeching people to stop the proliferation of racism. However the story ends with Nature anticipating the violence that will happen. For instance the trees have "angled braches", "tips and edges" which "gleam with the quivering shine of scattered quicksilver". These phrases suggest and conjure up images of shiny, metallic weapons associated with death and violence. In addition, the moon comes out "from behind the bands of cloud", and it "clung for a while to the leaves".

    • Word count: 1010
  21. "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" - Maya Angelou Autobiography

    In Stamps, she becomes aware of the horrors of racism and eventually it led her to the point of hating herself for not being white...not being perfect. However, she learns from her grandmother to be strong and maintain her dignity against the daily attacks of racism and prejudice. When she is eight, Maya and her brother move to St. Louis to live with their beloved mother. The different environment and people around her makes her feel like in an unknown world.

    • Word count: 1320
  22. This essay is an attempt to illustrate and analyze whether Elizabeth Cady Stanton's arguments are compatible with Christian principles.

    The Women's Bible analyzes both creation stories in the Book of Genesis. In the first creation story, God creates man and women in his own image. Most Christians believe in the Trinity; God is three persons in one - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Stanton replaces the Orthodox idea of the Christian Trinity with a new Trinity - Father, Mother and Son. After acknowledging that until mankind conceptualizes the Godhead (Elohim) in terms of male and female, females will be considered inferior to men forever. She emphasizes the inherent equality of male and female be highlighting her representation of the female nature of God, the simultaneous creation of man and woman as well as the consent for all of humankind to take dominion over the world.

    • Word count: 1145
  23. East is East

    I am happy to see this trend become more common because of the psychological distress of arranged marriages is very great. Domestic violence is also a factor in the play that the playwrights were trying to raise awareness of. There are many scenes in which George is physically abusing his family, most often in front of other members of the family and I believe this is one of the hardest hitting aspect of all the views expressed. It made me understand the terror found by the relatives of the 'monsters' who choose to use their fists in a gust of

    • Word count: 1070
  24. Gay people should be allowed to get married. Just because somebody's gay doesn't mean he shouldn't suffer like the rest of us. -- Jeff Shaw

    . I feel queer". Homosexuality shouldn't be used as a means to deny people rights for doing so is just as ridiculous as denying someone a job because they are black. However the issue is just as serous as racism and people need to start taking notice and action. What does freedom mean to you? Some people think that freedom is to saying or doing anything you want with out any repercussions. Ok, that's true to a certain degree .

    • Word count: 1192
  25. Religion, Poverty and Wealth

    It tells the tale of a man who is robbed and left for dead. A Priest notices him as he is walking by, but crosses to the other side of the road. Then a Levite did the same. Finally a Samaritan saw him and took pity on him. The Samaritan bandaged up the man's wounds, put him on his donkey and took him to an Inn to take care of him. The next day the Samaritan left, but before doing so, he paid the innkeeper to care for the man. Jesus taught that the Samaritan was the best neighbour.

    • Word count: 1136

Religious Studies involves more than just study the world's great religions. In studying the subject you may end up covering how spirituality underpins our culture, how belief systems inform how we treat each other, animal life and the world around us, and the role religion plays in societies around the globe. Youll pick up some valuable skills along the way too: analytical thinking and critical judgement, the ability to work with others, skills of expression and discussion, and ways in which you can negotiate and resolve argument.

You will cover the major global religions (and specialising in one or two), ethics, crime and punishment, personal relationships and the family and the response of societies to issues like poverty in different parts of the world. You'll need to be able to clearly discuss relevantpoints in your assignments and Marked by Teachers have a comprehensive range of assessed RS essays, which you can access to build the skills you need.


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  • To what extent was American society racist in the 1920s?

    "To conclude, I believe that American society was very racist in the 1920s. This started off with the Jim Crow Laws in the southern states and then the 'resurrection' of the Ku Klux Klan. The treatment towards the Black American degraded at a very fast rate and so they decided to move to the northern states where there was a less concentration of them. However, the Americans there were racist as well and the police and courts didn't do anything about it as they too were racist. Even though treatment towards Blacks slightly improved due to organisations such as the UNIA, overall, they were seen as 'an inferior race' and it would be a while until treatment towards Blacks greatly improved. Mamoon Ahmad Bradford Grammar School 4DRo Mr. Reed-Purvis GCSE History"

  • Compare and Contrast the Following Poems: Telephone Conversation by Wole Soyinka, In-a Brixtan Markit by James Berry, On the Subway by Sharon Olds and On an Afternoon Train from Purley to Victoria by James Berry.

    "Both "On the Subway" and "Telephone Conversation" are about people hastily jumping to conclusions, rather than thinking for themselves. The existence of racism itself has to do with the unfairness off people, who do not think off others and the consequences of their words. All the poems show what we should think before we make remarks or are unjust to someone just because of their colour. 1 1 Kritank Gupta"

  • Having read Free Dinners' from Come to Mecca analyse Farrukh Dhondy's prsentation of the character of Lorraine.

    "Conclusions- it is joining together to give us positive and negative and very sad ending by watching Lorraine suffering as a prostitute. This story written to give us some knowledged about some people suffers from joining two different cultures. Culture, which is joined by love without thinking about the future. The story is written to spread the message that prejudice is an act that often misleads people to wrong ways and sometime waste thier talent and their life. Racism often leads to many complications and perilous cases to violence and riots and divides the communities in half. That's what Farrukh Dhondy tries to explain and spread this message to the world that two communities only come together when racism die and until we understand each other's communities properly and try to increase the peace."

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