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GCSE: Prejudice and Discrimination

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  1. Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work.

    At the age of three the child could attened Children's Liturgies and also attend a Catholic School. Some people decide to be teachers in a Catholic school where they pray and attend mass. Some of these teachers are also Religious teachers where they have to know all about different Religions and Christ and pass this knowledge onto the children they teach. They also may be Eucarstic Ministers and also help be organising events to raise money for Catholic charities or for the School's local Church.

    • Word count: 1619
  2. Taking any three psychological theories of prejudice: How adequately do these theories explain the causes of prejudice and what has each to suggest about the possibility of reducing prejudice?

    However there are too many criticisms in Adorno's experiment for this to be correct. There is no explanation why some people brought up in authoritarian households are not prejudice, also there is no explanation for why people brought up in non-authoritarian households can also be prejudice. Adorno used an extremely small cross section of people from non-ethnic, non-minority backgrounds. Methodologically his experiment was also debatable as agreement with a statement always indicated an authoritarian personality. Also with every survey type experiment, people will only answer the first few questions attentively, and it is just from the subjects opinions of how they would react to the statements, not observation of how they would react in real life situations.

    • Word count: 1380
  3. Childhood Memoir - Maya Angelou.

    Besides Bailey, her big brother who never leaves her side until adolescence, Maya does not give in and make her first friend until the 7th grade. Another reason why Maya is so reserved is because of her extreme physical insecurities. Before her insecurity metamorphosizes into pride, Maya does not appreciate being African American for its typical physical qualities; she describes herself as "big, elbowy, grating...my head covered with black steel wool" and painfully recalls, "I was described by our playmates as being shit color"(p.

    • Word count: 1635
  4. Prejudice is when you make judgement on someone before you actually know them.

    I think that Zaccheus wanted to meet Jesus so that he could perhaps be forgiven, but when the crowds saw that Jesus was going to Zaccheus' house they were furious because of their anger and prejudice against him as a tax collector. People saw Zaccheus as a sinner but Jesus saw Zaccheus as a descendant of Abraham which is a Jew one of Jesus' people. This teaches us a valuable lesson about being prejudiced against one person who could unexpectedly be trying to get close to God and they could be begging forgiveness for their sins.

    • Word count: 1513
  5. Explain the biblical teaching that Christians can in order to provide themselves with guidelines for making decisions about the use of medical science.

    This also shows in the passage Job 1 vs 21, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away". This means that when the Lord gives life in the womb of a woman, no one has the right to take that life until God feels it is time. The 3rd commandment says also the "You shall not kill" and having an abortion is the same as killing a person. This is relevant to euthanasia in the sense that no one can take their own life because God does that. There are many issues with the bible, one being that it was written many years ago and therefore may not be relevant to the problems faced by society today.

    • Word count: 1848
  6. How far are the problems that exist in South Africa today a product of the past?

    Dr Malan intended to put his policies into practise, ruthlessly and comprehensively. With this sort of superior attitude there ways of separation in all walks of life. Pass laws and forced removals led to current problems due to the separate townships and how depending on the different colours education and other areas were funded differently and in the favour of the whites. In 1949 the 'Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act' came into force meaning that not only blacks and whites couldn't marry, but blacks and whites who were already married had to split.

    • Word count: 1227
  7. Describe the teachings of Christianity about discrimination and prejudice and explain how people should therefore be treated.

    In practice, this is nearly always the belief that women are inferior to men. Many people men and women have important differences, some of them physical and some psychological or emotional. Some people think that because of these differences, women deserve to have fewer choices than men, to do more than half of the world's work for lower pay than a man, and to be judged on their appearance as objects rather than people with dignity. Ageism is discrimination as it is the process of implying that old people or worse than younger people.

    • Word count: 1079
  8. Explain what christians believe about justice. Explain forgiveness.

    This is illustrated well by the story of Job. Job was helpful to people and never turned anyone away from his household without offering them something. He upheld all the laws of God well but was struck with dreadful calamities yet he did not loose his faith in God. God is believed to think of the bigger picture so everything has its purpose. Justice must have a way of enforcing itself though and this, at least in our society, is punishment. The main aims of punishment are the protection of society and of the offender, reform of the offender, deterrence, retribution for society and vindication of the law.

    • Word count: 1381
  9. To Pray or Not to Pray…That is the Question upon Society.

    Not since segregation had the little town of Santa Fe been so divided. The nation has become divided on this issue. Prayer in school seems to be an argument that one can find just about anywhere. The controversial subject of school prayer has divided society, as a whole, on whether or not there is a place in schools for God. With our nation in a state of shock from previous classroom shootings, the lack of prayer in school has been pointed to as evidence and cause of this violence and the breakdown of society (Baik 1).

    • Word count: 1619
  10. Prejudice, simple but harmful.

    If I am wearing a pair of green glasses then I can see every color you can but green, for what is white, or the so called "norm", appears green to me. I would base my whole world on what is green and never once look at it as green, but white. Some of the different colored glasses that we wear are also known as cultural transition, stereo-typing, in-out group, and structural. Each one of these affects the way we see our world each day.

    • Word count: 1642
  11. Prejudice and Discrimination.

    Genesis teaches that all people are made "in God's image" and have equal value. "There is no difference between Jews and Gentiles, between men and women; you are all one in union with Christ." (Galatians 3) This shows everyone is equal in God's sight. "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you." (Luke 7) "Do not judge others and God won't judge you." (Luke 7) Shows people should be careful of criticising others. In a sexist society Jesus treated women with dignity and respect; e.g. The woman at the well; (John 4)

    • Word count: 1204
  12. "Critically analyse the construction of 'race'/ethnicity in the context of a particular sporting subculture: What's the difference between black and white, or is it white and black? A critical analysis on the perceptions of racism in English soccer.

    Either way, the examples given here are all racist, and they are only the start of a very long list in the types of racisms prevalent in football today. The documentation and acknowledgement of racism in football has been highly publicised in recent years and as a result of this many agencies joined forces to campaign to be rid of racism from football. The "Let's Kick Racism Out of Football" campaign was started by the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE)

    • Word count: 1302
  13. Dear Mr. Annan.

    clothes that the teenage girls want to wear and the over expensive clothes which have a brand name plastered over them all what the teenage lads want to wear all the time. The uniforms would make students look more organised especially to the teachers, and would give the students an identity, which would be recognised out of school and make the students more identifiable if they are truanting during lesson time. But in reality the majority of students in schools around Britain are against school uniform and it's the students that should decide if they want a uniform or not,

    • Word count: 1152
  14. Describe the teachings of Christianity, about the sanctity of life in relation to abortion.

    Some people may even say that abortion seems to have become a form of contraception. The law states that any doctor or nurse can abstain from performing an abortion, for any reason. However, some that have tried to opt out have found their jobs at risk. 'The United Nations declaration of rights of the child' in 1959 said, "The child, by virtue of his physical and mental immaturity needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection before, as well as after, birth." If this cannot be provided or guaranteed, the baby will not have what it needs and deserves, throughout life.

    • Word count: 1062
  15. Explain how the religion you havestudied might analyse the cause and consequences of consumerism and assess howconvincing this analysis is.

    To be poor in a consumer society is a difficult thing - not being able to keep up with the latest trends or buy the latest most fashionable car. This doesn't mean they don't want to keep up, but they are unable to. When Jesus said the poor will always be with us, he did not add 'never mind, just go shopping'. We must accept responsibility towards others. Where consumerism emphasises the importance of me, Christianity emphasises the importance of you to me.

    • Word count: 1402
  16. Write an account of my experience at a Christian marriage.

    The marriage service varies in distinct branches of Christianity but the making of the vows is usual to them all. These are spoken aloud and state the couple's beliefs about the principle of marriage and their plan to devot themselves to each other for life. The giving, receiving or exchange of rings reinforces their promises. ' I take thee to be my wedded husband (or wife) To have and hold from this day forward For better for worse For richer for poorer In sickness and in health To love and to cherish Till death do as part According to God's holy law And there to I give thee my truth (promise)

    • Word count: 1209
  17. A reply to an angry letter.

    National Holocaust Day is the least we can do for those who suffered such cruelties. Modern human rights are important. Many countries were horrified with the atrocities of World War II and promised that this will never happen again, so they set up the United Nations to protect the rights of men, women and children. The aims and objectives of the United Nation (UN) is maintaining International peace and security. This can and will happen again, for example the events in Rwanda in 1994.

    • Word count: 1356
  18. A Christian view on Suffering.

    The case of Diane Pretty is a primary example of a terminal illness. Diane Pretty was a sufferer of motor Neurone disease. She lost the battle in court to end her prolonged suffering by assisted suicide (euthanasia). However, the court's decision to not allow her to commit suicide was backed by the fact that it would be a "licence to commit crime" and not a religious (Christian) reason. The tenth commandment states - "Thou shall not murder" Christians believe that God created man and to kill something of God's creation is wrong- Euthanasia is wrong.

    • Word count: 1023
  19. Prejudice and Discrimination.

    There is a great deal of opposition generally to female priests from both men and women. Some men feel that traditional status and authority would be eroded or compromised by a women becoming equal, which is obviously wrong as men and women are supposed to be equal and so whether one can become a priest or not, should not concern on what gender they are as men are not necessarily better at being priests then women, as there may be a brilliant and hard-working woman who would become a great priest, but just because of old traditions, she would not be allowed to teach, unless she were to change what she believed in.

    • Word count: 1666
  20. Racism, do you think it's right?

    They were then shipped over to America where they were sold as slaves. Eventually, a law was then brought out to ban all slavery, which changed some people's views of people who had ethnic backgrounds. Although a law had been brought out, this did not stop some people of America still turning against people of ethnic minorities. If your skin colour is different from another persons then that does not mean you have the right to treat that person any differently or badly, because as people say: "Its not the outside that matters, it's the inside that counts", so no matter what colour your skin may be, or what religion you are, as long as you are a good person inside, that is what should be most important!

    • Word count: 1231
  21. Libertarian Studies - The discovered truth.

    He notes that police have more encounters with black suspects because blacks commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes. He also claims that police use deadly force only when a suspect threatens them. (Levin,pg.1) I disagree with Levin. I believe that being judged because of skin color in any situation should be considered as racism. If "police use deadly force only when they are threatened by a suspect," how would one explain the famous Amadou Diallo, incident? Was deadly force necessary? Was Diallo threatening the police when reaching into his pocket for his wallet when asked for identification? Did he deserve to be shot at forty-one times as if he were a wild animal?

    • Word count: 1031
  22. The Book of Job - "Don't Put God in a Box!"

    Job begins with a description of Job's seemingly perfect life. It describes Job as being, "...This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil (Job 1:1)." But then Satan comes along. As the angels are presenting themselves before God, Satan comes in before the Lord as well and acknowledges that he has been strolling around earth. God then asks Satan if he's noticed His boy named Job, and dares Satan to differ. Known in Hebrew as "The Accuser", Satan suggests that the prosperity God has given Job makes it very easy for him to remain grateful to the Lord.

    • Word count: 1621
  23. Stopped by Woods on a Snowy Evening vs. The Collar.

    This show us that it is unusual for the man to stop in the woods for no apparent reason. We can draw from this that the man does not typically stop and take the time to contemplate or to appreciate the simple things in life. In the last stanza of the poem it says, "The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep" (673). Here the speaker is showing us that although he likes the beauty of snowy woods, he cannot stay for long because he has promises to keep and a lot of things to do before he dies.

    • Word count: 1064
  24. Poems on Race.

    Firstly, Trethewey decided not to choose a race so she could have the freedom of being whom she wanted depending on whichever situation she found herself in. Being born of two different races puts pressure on her to try to please both races and be accepted by both blacks and whites. In her attempt to please one race she has to deny the other race. In Trethewey's poem "White lies" she says "I could even / keep quiet, quiet as kept, / like the time a white girl said/ (squeezing my hand).

    • Word count: 1003
  25. Prejudice and Discrimination.

    Christianity [1] Christian churches are against prejudice and discrimination in all forms. This is based on the belief that all people are created equally by God and therefore everyone is equal in the eyes of God. From one human being he created all the races on Earth and made them live throughout the whole Earth. Acts 17:26 [2] The many laws that Moses received from God gave guidance to people to love with each other and create a just society.

    • Word count: 1515

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