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GCSE: Prejudice and Discrimination

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  1. Free essay

    Prejudice and Discrimination

    But despite the proposals being put on hold, Ms Ukwaju and her colleague lost their jobs five months later. It was alleged by Ms Ukwaja and Mr Obikwu that the council's operations manager Anne-Marie Leech was "consciously biased" when selecting members of staff to be made redundant. They pointed to the fact that no one who had attended a party at Ms Leech's home was made redundant as evidence. There is a very strong sense of prejudice in this case.

    • Word count: 2888
  2. In this essay I will be answering this question on whether or not prejudice is the source of the worlds problems. Prejudice comes from the word judging.

    There are many types of prejudice and discrimination such as Anti-refugee - the role of schools in supporting children whose families are seeking asylum is rendered more difficult by the negative coverage of asylum issues in sections of the media and by the claim that all people seeking asylum are a threat. There are many types of prejudice such as Racism or Anti-Semitism - believing that race, skin colour or culture makes certain people inferior (e.g. believing that whites are superior to people of colour or people who practice Judaism)

    • Word count: 2229
  3. Free essay

    christian vocation coursework

    Paul said in Colossians 3:23 "whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the lord, not for men." Possibly meaning that god has called everyone to their jobs because he knows its right for them so work for him and do the job well. A Christian may choose his or her job just simply because they want to do the job although this want or urge to do a job could be put down to god.

    • Word count: 2217
  4. Discussing a range of theories on inclusion and the adverse effects on peoples lives brought about by discrimination and inequality.

    It can be direct or indirect bringing about feelings of inferiority and have a lifelong effect of low self esteem and lack of confidence. A study by Milner(1983) demonstrates that children as young as three are able to understand the meaning of colour differences between individuals and to perceive that being white is considered better than being black. (Cited by Kay.J, 2001). This distinction can have a depressing effect on children's lives, creating a number of issues as they blossom into pessimistic adults with negative stereotypes and labels.

    • Word count: 2263
  5. Running Away

    Now, all there was left to do was to wait for the morning to come. He lay his head down on the pillow and waited for sleep to envelop him. He rose early the next morning. This was it...no turning back. He went to a mirror that hung over his nightstand and carefully looked at himself. He barely recognised the person staring back at him. What he saw was a face with red rimmed, hollow, sunken eyes, and skin so pale an albino cat would have shone like a bright luminescent light stood next to him.

    • Word count: 2228
  6. As mere humans, we tend to forget things said as time goes by. Our own ability to keep promises that we make can weaken over time. This is not so with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    This promise is stated in more detail in Gen 15:18, "To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the river Euphrates..." 2 Kings 4:21 shows that this land promise was fulfilled in the days of King Solomon, "Now Solomon ruled over all the kingdoms from the River to the land of the Philistines and to the border of Egypt; they brought tribute and served Solomon all the days of his life."

    • Word count: 2893
  7. 'The 1920's were a decade of progress and opportunity for all Americans'. How far do the sources support this view?

    Source B, is an indication of no progress or opportunity. I sense this because the picture is a clear indication to us that some Americans didn't have that opportunity and no progress was available especially for blacks. In the picture it shows us a black family in the 1920's, it shows us a home with half a dozen black children, no sight of the mother or father and the home is trashed. The family looks as if its poor and lives in the Southern States of America, where the Klu Klux Clan was worst in the whole of America and they felt that they were supreme.

    • Word count: 2738
  8. Did race prejudice cause slavery? Or was it the other way round? Winthrop D. Jordan, in his monumental study of white American

    Such communities feel threatened by national or racial differences, and their prejudices serve to reassure them, to minimize their sense of insecurity, to enhance group cohesion. England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was a classic instance of such a community - though its geographical isolation was rapidly being overcome and its technology was about to leap forward. We have already seen how ancient myths about Africa and Africans were widely believed here, and we shall shortly examine further evidence of English race prejudice in that period But to assert that their race prejudice, which was considerable, led Englishmen to

    • Word count: 2220
  9. Personal Reading Study - "Cry Freedom" by John Briley

    It seems to me that Donald Woods, as a white liberal and an editor contradicted himself many times. An example of this is, "He did not believe blacks should be given the full right to vote." But a few sentences later there is a quotation saying, "When he caught the Government violating those basic ethical premises, he struck at them with a pen so sharp and so precise that his paper was quoted from one end of South Africa to the other." I believe that in these quotations Woods contradicts himself as he believes blacks should not be given the full right to vote yet when he caught the Government violating those 'basic' ethical premises he would argue with them.

    • Word count: 2806
  10. R.E. Coursework

    He expects us to live life that will please him not follow worldly things. He wants us to lead life that will please him. (Corinthians 3:16-17) Jesus serves as a role model to all people that God does not see man different from his brother. Christ had the same attitude to everyone be it young, old, rich or poor, he saw no one as inferior. We can tell from the story of the Roman Centurion's servant (Luke 7:1-10), Zaccheus the tax collector (Luke 19:1-10)

    • Word count: 2015
  11. Religious Studies Coursework: Racism.

    One type of racism is colour prejudice, this is when a person has a problem or does not like a person, for the sole reason that they have a different colour skin to that of themselves. There are many things that a person might do to show that they do not want this particular person or group of people here. They might incite racial hatred, this is when a person makes racist comments, which might encourage other people to discriminate against others because of there colour or ethnic background.

    • Word count: 2102
  12. How a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work?

    And he said to them, ' Come after me and I will make you fisher of people.' And at once they left their nets and followed him." (Matthew 4:18-20) "Going on from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John. They were in a boat with their father Zebedee, preparing their nets. Jesus called them, and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him. (Matthew 4:21-22) "As Jesus walked beside the Sea at Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen.

    • Word count: 2257
  13. The narrator in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

    In the narrator's eyes, the white men are rewarding his submissive nature. But the reader is presented with the truth of what is actually going on when he arrives to meet these men. First, the white men bring out a naked blond woman and force the black boys to look at the women. Some become sexually aroused - playing on the stereotype of blacks being hypersexual animals. After, the men force the black boys into a "battle royal," where the narrator fights his other black classmates, blindfolded.

    • Word count: 2070
  14. Martin Luther and Phillip Melanchthon's Contributions in Educational Reform in the Protestant Reformation.

    Melanchthon was greatly influenced by Luther and because of this focused his attention to theology. Luther also took notice of Melanchthon, specifically of his inaugural address at the university, which he entitled, "Discourse on Reforming the Studies of Youth." Because of the mutual respect and admiration given towards one another the two became collaborators in the Protestant Reformation. Melanchthon gave strength to the Reformation in his argumentative yet rational works, like Loci Communes Rerum Theologicarum (Commonplaces of Theology, 1521). When Luther was confined to the Castle of Wartburg following the Diet of Worms, Melanchthon took over as the leader of

    • Word count: 2830
  15. Report on Prayer.

    Liturgical worship is worship that follows a set order and is more formal. Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox churches use liturgical worship, whereas Non-Liturgical Worship is the opposite and is mainly used by Free Churches. The way Christians pray in a liturgical service is normally either set pieces from the Bible or from a prayer book for example the Gloria or the Lords Prayer. Hymns are also a form of how Christians pray in a liturgical church service. In a non-liturgical service Christians are free to pray in a way that they like and call out to God in the middle of the service or whenever they're inspired.

    • Word count: 2224
  16. Christian Perspectives.

    This case also brought to light the racism that occurs in the police force. The fact is that you are three times more likely to get sacked if you are of black or Asian origin. Another example of institutionalised racism is the Apartheid system in South Africa. It meant that some types of racism were to be made legal. It was initiated in 1948 but finally dismissed in 1994. Blacks were excluded from some of the best cinemas, buses, schools and even hospitals. Marriage or any sexual relations between blacks and whites were outlawed.

    • Word count: 2530
  17. Discuss the ways in which Nadine Gordimer and Mildred Taylor portray racism in their stories, " Country Lovers," and, " The Gold Cadillac."

    It is also shown within the story that the white children go off to schools to get a good education whilst the black students receive very little education; " ... they drop every year farther behind the grades passed by the white students." By the age of twelve or thirteen the black children know that their former friends are now their masters calling them; "misuse and bassie". Unlike " Country Lovers", in " The Gold Cadillac" it appears at first that black people and white people share equal rights.

    • Word count: 2003
  18. Describe the treatments available to help infertile couples have children.

    Although it has been existent for the past 50 years, this technique has a low success rate. The ICSI technique is a little less complicated. It just requires a single sperm of the man to be injected into the woman's womb. When the woman is the person who is the cause of the infertility she also has two solutions that she could apply to. This being egg donation and surrogate mothers. In egg donation both the donor and the recipient have to be harmonised in order for the IVF treatment to work.

    • Word count: 2103
  19. Anti-discrimination legislation.

    Two problems were usually seen as in need of urgent attention. First, the negative response of the majority white population to the competition of black workers in the housing and labour markets. Second, the frustration of black workers who felt themselves excluded from equal participation in British society by the development of a colour bar in the labour and housing markets, along with related processes of discrimination. Both these issues were perceived as potential sources of conflict which the government had to manage and control through direct intervention.

    • Word count: 2615
  20. Black like me.

    The reason the blacks would not speak to him is because he is white and whites were ultimately the driving force behind the suicide of many blacks. The blacks feared the white man, even Griffen, who disagreed with racism. He observed the situation, saw the fear and the hurt in the eyes of the Blacks when he came to speak to them, and decided that "the only way to observe what it was like to be black, was to become black", (Griffen, pg.21). Griffen, now disguised convincingly as a black man, was able to observe racism from a different perspective.

    • Word count: 2179
  21. Prejudice and Discrimination.

    In today's society we think of prostitutes as unacceptable. They are often attacked or beaten due to lack of respect. But in Lk7: 36-50 it shows Jesus dismissing the fact of discrimination because of gender. People wouldn't of thought Jesus would allow a prostitute to touch him but he doesn't care. The prostitute is just a human being with the responsibility of making money to survive just like everyone else. Jesus is helping the prostitute by showing others if he is not afraid of being near her then no one else should.

    • Word count: 2184
  22. Euthanasia - Explain why christians believe in the sanctity of life.

    So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." This shows that every living thing God made is known to him, and therefore is special. By saying every hair on our heads is noticed, shows us he cares for each and every one of us, and no matter how insignificant we may feel, he will notice when we are no longer here. This shows he values our life, as he wants to keep us alive. In Genesis 2:18-20, God gave Adam all the animals for him to name. If God placed such a great responsiblility on Adam, and trusted his opinion this much, it shows how much God loves us, and trusts our opinions as well.

    • Word count: 2025
  23. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Critique.

    Maya says her appearance is merely a 'black ugly dream that she will wake out of. She believed in the superiority of whites that she 'knew God was white too. (P40)' She grew up in a time in which race and appearance were very important and which made the difference in how you were treated. The idea that appearances were important was illustrated through Maya's uncle Willie. Her uncle was crippled and had trouble with speaking clearly. Although Every morning, Maya sees the cotton pickers come in happy and boastful, but after the picking is done they are downtrodden and bitter.

    • Word count: 2018
  24. Before talking about what Jesus says about discipleship it is necessary to explain what a disciple is and then look at what he teaches.

    In Mark's Gospel Chapter8: 34-38 Jesus talks about the cost of discipleship by suggesting that you have to follow him by leaving everything behide this would be a result of suffering and dying for God just like he did when he was crucified on the cross. Jesus also says ' he must forget self, carry his cross and follow him. For whoever wants to save his own life' meaning that if save someone else's life your life will be saved.

    • Word count: 2190
  25. What is racism?

    An example of this is in the 1700's when black Africans were sold to Americans as slaves. Thousands of people have died from acts of racism an example of this is the holocaust, sometimes called ethnic cleansing by Nazis, was an attempt to kill thousands of Jews just because of their religion. Even today people are still dying from acts of racism an example of this is Stephen Lawrence who was beaten eventually to death by a gang of white youths the only reason for this attack was that he was black. Racism today also takes on some subtle forms for example black people sometimes being by past in promotion in their jobs and some employers are biased towards hiring white people instead of black.

    • Word count: 2275

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You will cover the major global religions (and specialising in one or two), ethics, crime and punishment, personal relationships and the family and the response of societies to issues like poverty in different parts of the world. You'll need to be able to clearly discuss relevantpoints in your assignments and Marked by Teachers have a comprehensive range of assessed RS essays, which you can access to build the skills you need.


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  • To what extent was American society racist in the 1920s?

    "To conclude, I believe that American society was very racist in the 1920s. This started off with the Jim Crow Laws in the southern states and then the 'resurrection' of the Ku Klux Klan. The treatment towards the Black American degraded at a very fast rate and so they decided to move to the northern states where there was a less concentration of them. However, the Americans there were racist as well and the police and courts didn't do anything about it as they too were racist. Even though treatment towards Blacks slightly improved due to organisations such as the UNIA, overall, they were seen as 'an inferior race' and it would be a while until treatment towards Blacks greatly improved. Mamoon Ahmad Bradford Grammar School 4DRo Mr. Reed-Purvis GCSE History"

  • Compare and Contrast the Following Poems: Telephone Conversation by Wole Soyinka, In-a Brixtan Markit by James Berry, On the Subway by Sharon Olds and On an Afternoon Train from Purley to Victoria by James Berry.

    "Both "On the Subway" and "Telephone Conversation" are about people hastily jumping to conclusions, rather than thinking for themselves. The existence of racism itself has to do with the unfairness off people, who do not think off others and the consequences of their words. All the poems show what we should think before we make remarks or are unjust to someone just because of their colour. 1 1 Kritank Gupta"

  • Having read Free Dinners' from Come to Mecca analyse Farrukh Dhondy's prsentation of the character of Lorraine.

    "Conclusions- it is joining together to give us positive and negative and very sad ending by watching Lorraine suffering as a prostitute. This story written to give us some knowledged about some people suffers from joining two different cultures. Culture, which is joined by love without thinking about the future. The story is written to spread the message that prejudice is an act that often misleads people to wrong ways and sometime waste thier talent and their life. Racism often leads to many complications and perilous cases to violence and riots and divides the communities in half. That's what Farrukh Dhondy tries to explain and spread this message to the world that two communities only come together when racism die and until we understand each other's communities properly and try to increase the peace."

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